How to deal with losses when you start trading

How to deal with losses when you start trading

Hello family, today I will show you a part that very few comment when doing Trading and it is ¿What to do when you enter losses doing trading? 
Ok to start we know that there are many ways to invest, for example cryptos, futures, stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, etc.
First you have to know well what you are trading with and choose what suits your style. In my case I trade in the crypto market in projects and altcoins that I know, in addition to doing STAKING I generate interests in the market DeFi you can see on my blog that I have written a couple of tutorials on how to do STAKING you can read it by clicking on the face by Max Keiser. 


What I like the most is accumulating BTC without a doubt, in my experience it is better than any savings account, because I have control over my transactions from my Ledger.

But I also like to raise the level of risk that is why I do what many say is a scam or that it is managed that is why I also make Binary options, because they say that Bitcoin and the Crypto world is a scam, they also say that Forex is a scam and those who do Forex say the same of those who make futures, (also the current FIAT system is nothing more than a PONZI scam). Everyone has their opinion what becomes someone else's reality, but when you go to the empirical and instead of listening to opinions you internalize it and decide to have control over your own reality, then you go from just imagining and mounting ideas in your head cheap and you go straight to action and that's where the magic happens, obvious with a few wounds but you get stronger than ever.

Personally, I only recommend that you buy BTC if you do not have any experience, and if you step on it for a considerable time, it will be Bitcoin that changes you, but if you already trade with an asset, this can help you not to change your form to trade or to change immediately in the asset in which you operate, if not rather something that comes out here you can adapt it to your style.

So why do I make Binaries? Ok first I have to frame that my only income is not through Binaries, since I have different physical and digital sources of income, but when making Binaries it is the way I have the most fun and being a turbulent market gives me the experience necessary to operate in high volatility markets.

Most will tell you to start with the easy and if it is the most prudent, but tell me when was the last time you started playing a video game at the beginner or amateur level, ¡how boring!



That's why I chose to trade in binaries, I did not start learning with a course on YouTube or learning to use a super powerful strategy that will make you a millionaire when you finish watching a video, my training was very different I had to pay 250 USD month after month for a year to educate myself (I do not want to complain but the minimum salary in my country is from $ 3,080 to $ 5,280 pesos equivalent to 136 USD to 233 USD per month)






Obviously I did not finish my training there, I also added a number of investment books and trading without missing "trading in the zone "Leave in the comments which is your favorite book in terms of trading. My favorite is" the white book of trading ".


As time went by, I met mentors who have dedicated time and showed their support along the way, but that does not define if you are going to be a successful trader, it does not depend on how many books or information you accumulate, I will not tell you any of this to make this publication longer if not to tell you not to despair, whatever the stage you are in now be patient and the results will come as a result of your actions, it all depends on you and your attitude to each situation.

This has been my way and it has only been a summary I started this when I was only 19 years old and every day I get older now that I am 24 years old, I have spent a long time trading micro futures, futures, stocks, forex, I have my diversified portfolio, but without a doubt my favorites have been to operate in cryptocurrencies and binary options since in the latter with 5 or 10 USD you can make it grow as far as you want and can, that's why it's a great way to start if you want to risk little money . At the beginning when you start this path, your hand even shakes when introducing an operation or what about that stomach pain when you were not right? But it turns into learning when you channel that pain that discovers it and you try to learn from the lesson, so it no longer becomes a problem because everything depends on the attitude with which you take each situation so that problem becomes an opportunity.




As you can see in the images, no matter how much experience you have, there are usually errors, but for that there is risk management, so if someone comes up to you and asks you for money to teach you an infallible technique, you will undoubtedly I will take your money away, because if you think you will never lose by trading you should rethink everything again. Because even having losses with good risk management, the profit margin can be enormous.




So what is the remedy to deal with losses? I know you only come for the answer to the title of the publication, so I will say it in 4 words "THERE IS NO REMEDY". Find out what path someone who claims to be an astronaut has to go through astronaut, this applicant is put to the test through all his phobias. In a TED talk, Chris Hadfield NASA astronaut mentions that at the time of his first spacewalk he had a problem with one of his eyes passing the minutes completely lost his sight, imagine being in place floating in space interstellar completely blinded, what would you do ?, panic? It would be fatal do not think, Chris Hadfield comments that he did not choose to panic his goal was to finish the mission, he ended it without being able to see anything. So how do I do it? thanks to his preparation, his training, all those simulations and all the times that NASA put him in similar situations to prevent certain events by facing his worst fears thousands of times.





So my advice is that you are not afraid to fall in fact it will happen more times than you think, you will find yourself in moments when you wonder if you are doing the right thing, you will feel pain but that pain is good it will make you stronger, you will spend days and weeks alone but that loneliness will make you more assertive and more sure of you, you will want to scream and run away but you only lose if you give up. With the correct training, discipline, patience, attitude, with a great method to analyze and operate, great capital management, great risk management and a great balance of your emotions, your path will surely be hard but you will enjoy your earnings as a child, you are a creator so be grateful from today for everything you can build tomorrow. They always tell you not to do things for yourself which is very selfish, but you do it for yourself you really deserve it.


If you were born being rich you can gambling, if you were born in a stable economy but without being rich you must gambling, if you were born being poor it is your gambling obligation, but do not invest believing that luck will be in your favor since luck is not a kind of chance Luck you create, and how do you create it? obtaining more probabilities in your favor, studying, a good analysis, a good management of emotions, that would put more probabilities in your favor so that you achieve your objectives.
Remember that you are not guilty if you were born poor, but it will be your fault if you die poor.
It is your attitude towards uncertainty what defines you method + risk management + capital management (5% to 10% of the total capital of your account), in addition to you must be clear that you cannot invest money that you are not willing to Losing this is very important.
And if you err again, don't worry, here is the final key :) Do it all over again, you are a human, you are going to make mistakes, so we all learn trial and error. You will have to distinguish your greatness but you must have the humility to accept how tiny you are.



That is why I cannot speak bad of BInary options or Bitcoin, because even after I finished my professional studies and looked for a good job offer, the possibilities for a better life were complicated due to salaries. Now in times of quarantine, I think that when I undertake, I make the right decisions, since friends and family have lost their job or closed their small business, and I am still solvent from my PC. If I think about the chances that this would happen to me, the truth now I understand why no one was betting on me, in my time when I was a child I remember living with limited resources, I remember very well how the roof of our house was with a cardboard roof and aluminum and the rivets that joined the cardboard and the aluminum were from empty soda lids attached to my toys called TAZOS (tazos the plastic discs with pictures in potato chip bags) ..., so the TAZOS that I earned from my friends it was good for the roof of my house to be firm it is funny but it is real, in addition that we shared the same bathroom between 3 houses similar to the one I lived in, I grew up with my brother and my mother since I never knew my father you know it was for cigarettes and never came back, now that I think about it my life is very similar to everyone's, we all look for a quality of life, to have a meaning to live for, when you are an outcast the opportunities are few due to the lack of information or To saturation of junk information, I will always be grateful that if I think again about the options I had, I realize that it was not luck but probability.
The only sure thing is that you are going to be wrong but the next opportunity you will do better than ever. Do it for yourself.




Just remember methodology + risk management + capital management = profits




BTW, I use Binary ( before using the IQ option, but Binary is better for many reasons, but I'm not here to leave you a Fu * #% $ ng link, that's one way many people call themselves Traders, they NO have profits  cannot live on their own earnings, they leave an affiliate link to get some money for the bad time they invested. I only tell you that I use Binary ( not to insist that you sign up with my affiliate link, but to teach you that you can also earn bitcoin and ethereum this way. The risk is high but you appreciate the time you save if you do it in other ways.





Thanks for reading have a great day 🤗


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Crypto adict (Manu VZ)

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