Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool

By bengy | Idle Musings | 12 Dec 2023

Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.09.11.png


Hmmmm.... a really short Binance Launchpool is starting up tomorrow, just 5 days for entire event from initial staking through to the complete distribution. Oddly fast... these things usually span about 30 days or something like that.

Anyway, like many Binance Launchpools/pads... there is always a bit of the "flavour" of the day sort of thing... last year, it was all about walk/fit/track-to-earn... and I always thought that that was just a passing fad, a bad privacy idea, and something that gamified and tokenised something that shouldn't really be gamified (fitness/health) anyway.... extrinsic vs intrinsic motivations and all of that, and the sheer fact that you are asking apps to track your location everywhere... no thank you... but yes, thank you for the tokens to dump...

Meanwhile, the catchphrase of the day at the moment is Game-Fi... with Immutable X leading the pack with a much hyped launch on Epic Games. Honestly, as a hardcore gamer I'm still a bit dubious about crypto and NFT-assets in games... I like my games clear from financial interference and meta-systems. I hated microtransactions just as much as I hate the introduction of crypto/NFT into gaming... but I'm not blind to the fact that most of the world's population are into casual gaming with free-to-play mechanics that could be better upgraded with crypto and digital asset ownership. Actually, if I was playing a free-to-play game, I would DEFINITELY want digital asset ownership!


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.08.05.png


Anyway, Fusionist, ACE, Endurance, and BOAT are the critical bits of infrastructure in this GameFi launch on Binance Launchpool. A touch confusing... but Fusionist is the flagship game, Endurance is the custom EVM blockchain, ACE is the native token, and BOATs are the "soulbound" tokens. Honestly... I wish projects wouldn't come up with new names for everything...

A pretty large 7 percent of the total supply will be on offer on the Launchpool... that makes up nearly 50 percent of the circulating supply when it is listed next week! Expect some hideous amounts of volatility... personally, I think this is going to be a dump on listing and keep a little moonbag... I prefer Immutable X, but I guess I should still have exposure to this Binance backed version... big bags backing it is always going to be a plus!


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.08.14.png


There is already a working marketplace on ACE... that is pretty nice, I didn't duck in to see if the economy is really working or not... it is one thing to be able to list things to buy and sell, and a completely different thing to have a properly functioning economy. Most of the previous attempts ended up in flooded markets full of worthless digital assets.


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.08.18.png


... nice, there is a Fusionist invite listing on Steam as well! I really prefer that to Epic Games... so, this is a bit of a plus in my eyes! But I'm not going to install it...


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.08.23.png


... and there are a collection of BOATs that are locked to your account/wallet. Soulbound tokens that will represent some notable achievement in the ACE ecosystem of games and economy.


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.08.39.png


Well, here is the complete distribution... Nothing that out of the ordinary. What I find interesting is that Binance still holds more of the token supply than OKX... I had been thinking about starting up an account at OKX, but I might just leave it for the moment.


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.08.43.png


Same information, but in pretty colour form.


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.08.54.png


Now, the more critical information, which is the token release schedule. As you can see, the bulk of the initial supply at listing is going to be the Launchpool... and most of those players are short term swing profiteers (ahem... like me...), and so I expect that the early seconds and few months of price action will be volatile as all hell! Dump now, or wait till the bull market stupidity?


Thoughts on Fusionist (ACE): Binance Launchpool 2023-12-12 15.09.05.png


Nice current achievements...

Now, my thoughts... I honestly think (hope...) that the GameFi vision is overblown and dies away... I hate the thought of my beloved past time being corrupted by financial incentives. However, given that most of the world (and most of the revenue...) comes from casual type gaming... that depends on microtransactions, I would say that this is much better than that... but as long as my long-form hardcore gaming is left untouched!

So, I will dump about half on listing... and hold a bit for the coming bull market madness. I'm more hopeful for Immutable X, but I have already taken profit on that one.


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