Cindicator: Schnorr, Stablecoins and Privacy coins

By bengy | Idle Musings | 21 Feb 2020




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Cindicator has being spawning a batch of really quite long term predictions for this coming year (2020). The last batch were more to do with price predictions... which are tricky things at best, and are more likely than not going to make you look foolish in a year's time (or in Hodlnaut's case on Twitter... less than an hour!).

This batch was a good deal more interesting, dealing more with how the ecosystem is evolving as a whole... rather than market caps and what ludicrous number that Bitcoin can hit before the year is out!




I'm afraid that Privacy coins are not really in favour with governments at the moment. Open and transparent ledgers like Bitcoin and Ethereum are great for law enforcement, whilst the obfuscated transactions of the ZCash, Mondero and Dash are trickier for them to deal with. That said, I would argue that the transparent nature of Bitcoin is more of a bonus rather than a starting point... it would be better if Bitcoin and Ethereum were much more private!

So, I answered this with a 100% affirmative. At some point this year, I think the leaning on exchanges from either American or Chinese governments (depending on the jurisdiction) will cause one of the major exchanges to start delisting the privacy coins.... or it could just also be natural evolution as the liquidity dries up!




... yes yes, a market cap question. I gave this one a hesitant 100%... I do think that the market will grow, and with that will come the demand for stablecoins... especially if the United States or China don't actually release an official fiat version. However, my hesitation comes from the actual coin USDC... how many stablecoins can actually co-exist? USDT has a huge dominance, and it is across a number of chains now... and then we have DAI for a fully crypto backed version!




A hesitant 0% here. I am guessing that 2020 will an upwards year... in which case the requirement for the safe harbour stablecoins is less. However, there is the ongoing development of DeFi which does place some large demands on having stablecoin liquidity.... that said, DeFi is still an experimental space... and the past week or two has been less than stellar for that part of the crypto ecosystem!




Well... this is more of a wish than a prediction! I put down a 100% for this.... Bitcoin does NEED to implement Schnorr signatures (well, I think it is a decent idea)... to allow for smaller transaction signatures, more privacy and the ability to easily co-sign transactions. Privacy and Scalability... this is what Bitcoin needs. However, upgrades to the Bitcoin network are sloooowwwwww... the benefits of true decentralisation!




No. I don't think so. 2019 was a hilariously bad year for IPOs (aka WeWork et al...) and I think real world investors are a bit cautious about this. Especially in a space that is so full of risk.... On the other hand, hardware ASICs is a comparitively decent field to be in compared to the vast array of tokens and other scammy projects!




I'm less keen on the Telegram one... but Filecoin, Dfinity and Polkadot are interesting projects that I have keep an ear out for quite sometime... and they are backed some pretty impressive names and capital. These were all projects that haven't seen the light of a public marketplace yet, but I do think that these are ones to keep a cautious eye on! Sure... I think at least one of the will peak above their last priced rounds!

PS: Do your own research... I'm only an interested bystander! But if you are investing based only on the words of a random internet blog... well, fools and money deserve to be..... reunited? Hmm... that doesn't sound quite right...


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