The Balance of BUIDLing and Marketing in Crypto

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 22 Jan 2023

The expectations of people may make tokens multiply their value in a short time due to a temporary hype that transfers money on exchange from one person to another. Most of the time, early investors and whales take the money of people by dumping on them.


Even though there are technical materials that decide the range of fair value for every asset, the prices are directly tied to the potential buyers and their purchasing decisions. If buyers > sellers, you start to attract attention. However, in the opposite case, it is also possible to lose the users, liquidity and reputation.

What are the roles of developments and marketing in crypto?

BUIDL in Bear 🐻

It is an unwritten rule in the crypto that those developers who invest in their projects get rewarded very well in the bull-run. It is nearly impossible for crypto projects to stop enlargening their ecosystem while thousands of talented developers do their best to steal your audience.

Due to the market conditions, financial problems and decreasing popularity, lots of projects die out when the bear market hits hard.

Another challenge for the crypto projects is that the crypto ecosystem is addicted to new utilities and new hypes. Those which do not update themselves face the inevitable end.

Marketing, Attention and Hype

Crypto market can be accused of being too much emotion-based but the perspective of the short term investors shape this ideology. Crypto is seen as the place where you may lose all your money or make millions in a year. Accepting these conditions, people jump into it and start hunting new hypes.

When a large group of new people are attracted, it is only a matter of time to go viral and make serious amount of gains. Meanwhile, 90% of "the newly shaped communities" will be here only in the green days rather than the long term.

Eventually, strong marketing brings attention to the projects and the opportunity of going viral becomes more likely to happen. When the satisfaction point is tested, the mild attention of hundreds may grow an avalanche of hype that will make the projects viral in crypto.

For a project to be successful, BUIDLing and Marketing are two pillars of a long-lasting business. The lack of one of these pillars will kill all the potential that projects have. With a little bit time, patience and a group of talented team, any coin / token / app can drive the crypto market with the craze for it.

I honestly believe that with a little more marketing, the Hive ecosystem has the potential to carry Social-Fi to the top ✌🏼

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