PolyCUB Gives Highest APY for Stablecoin Vault among Best De-Fi Projects

By idiosyncratic | Idiosyncratic Crypto | 15 Apr 2022

PolyCUB platform on Polygon (MATIC) has a deflationary utility token (POLYCUB) that has similar features as Bitcoin. Having Farms, Kingdoms and Staking features to provide best yields to the liquidity providers, PolyCUB became one of the most popular De-Fi projects.

2 weeks ago, The Best Yields on Polygon were compared to find the highest APY for secure and profitable De-Fi experience. While POLYCUB has already been leading the stablecoin yields among the counterparties, new stable coin (HBD = Hive-backed Dollar) is going to be one of the liquidity pools with pHBD / USDC farm.



Savings + PolyCUB Rewards for USDC Vault


Hive Savings provide stablecoin investors enjoy %20 APR for their HBD savings. On PolyCUB platform, the APR rate from Hive savings will receive additional PolyCUB emission bonus for their stablecoin liquidity farm.

Here you can see APR rate of HBD Staking on Hive Savings.


With pHBD / USDC Vault, the investors will receive %20 APR from pHBD + PolyCUB rewards for their liquidity. Let's find out where investors can buy HBD coins and what are the APR for stable coin farms on other De-Fi projects?

As of writing, there are existing Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) that you can find HBD Pairs also you can buy HBD stablecoin from Hive Blog Wallet by trading your HIVE coins. When you buy your HBD from markets, you can wrap your HBD by using to receive pHBD to your Polygon wallet.

Best APR for Stablecoin Yield Farms on Avalanche, Terra & Ethereum

Receiving sustainable %10+ APR for your stablecoin farms may not be easy for investors. When Aave, Curve, Balancer, Uniswap and many other popular De-Fi & Lending platforms compared, the APR rates are tend to be between %1 - %5 due to high amount of liquidity being provided and less amount of accumulated fees and rewards being paid.

Terra Blockchain - UST %19

Anchor Protocol on Terra blockchain enables investors to get %19+ APY rate for their UST lending. Since it serves one of the highest APY for lending, it has been demanded by thousands of people. For single asset lenders, it can be a good opportunity.

Note: Single asset lending has its own risks such as depeg which recently happened in USDN


Avalanche Blockchain - Curve AtriCrypto Farm

Here you can get around %10 - %12 APR for your assets in a multi-asset pool. In this pool, you will put USDC, USDT, DAI, BTC & Ethereum to recevive rewards in AVAX, Curve and liquidity fees (base %1 APR).

Note 2: You need to research about the impairment loss before using Atri pools.


Ethereum Network - Balancer AMM

You can receive %6 - %15 APR by using Balancer while the pool is incentivized with veBAL utility token. However, the incentive on the pool may be used for some other pools if the governance decides on another LP to be incentivized.

Note 3: The incentivies should be tracked frequently by the investors.




Stablecoin farms have thousands of investors since these liquidity pools are less risky in terms of possible impairment loss cases and rug pulls. Even though there are giant De-Fi projects like Aave, Compound, Curve, Uniswap and many others, their APR / APY rates may not be even double digit when the amount of trading fees and rewards do not make a good sum.

De-Fi investors can receive sustainable and secure double digits APY via multi-asset pool on Avalanche; UST Lending on Terra and Balancer LP on Ethereum. However, all these pools / services have their own pros and cons to be considered.

pHBD / USDC farm on PolyCUB will bring %20 APR from HBD savings return from Hive blockchain + (additional %20 expected APR) the pool will be incentivized with PolyCUB tokens that will make the pool leading stablecoin farm with highest APY in crypto ecosystem. 🔥

💎🐾 are always one step ahead in crypto 😎


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