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Telegram bots and games are becoming a part of our lives. Though most of the bots on Telegram are pretty basic, there are some useful bots that you can use for your life and investments. To energize the mobile application and the native chain, TON, the team of Open Builders launched a game called NOTCOIN that enables you to farm points that can turn into tokens or NFTs.

Since the launch of the project, it has been played by 27 Million people so far. Though it looks like an " unsustainable crypto project " in the beginning, the team behind the project and the aim of its launch start to make you believe in the mastermind behind it. Before diving into the rationale of establishing such a basic, boring but promising clickable game, let's talk about the GameFi side that may help you farm some TON coins as a play2earn mechanism.

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How to Earn on NotCoin

It might be the easiest game ever compared to the strategies and high level of IQ required to play Splinterlands, NotCoin can be played by everyone, including 5 years old children. What makes it so simple is that the only mission of the players is to click on the coin in the center of the screen. You are given an energy level that refills every second and, when your energy is very low, you have to wait for it to refill before going hard again.

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As you can see above, when you click on the coin, you get a certain amount of points depending on your multi tap level. This skill determines how many points your every click is. The energy bar at the bottom refills every minute. When you level up it once, it refills 4 points per second.

As you level up, you may need to increase your energy capacity and hire the bot that works 12 hours for you to farm while you are sleeping. This might be one of the best sides of the game as there is an in - game bot that farms for you.

You can learn more about the dynamics of the game in Full Guide of Notcoin on their notion site. I think the team should start using Hive to create their community and increase engagement as soon as possible!

Notcoin 10M Vouchers NFTs on GetGems

Though the points are not tokenized yet, you can sell your notcoin points by creating an NFT that is made of 10 million points. For now, only 10M or 100M point NFTs can be crafted. So, new players need to grow themselves until every point becomes tradable rather than a bunch NFTs.

The value of NFTs is quite satisfying. For example, 10M Notcoin Voucher NFTs are sold for 5.4 TON / 1M = $150 per 10M points. The collected fees from the trades will be used to add liquidity when the points are fully tokenized according to the team.

Basically, every single million is worth $15 in today's market conditions. You can buy 10M NFTs or make a bunch and sell them on a pre - market called GetGems on TON blockchain.

There are huge expectations from the team to add more features and enhance the experience of gamification on Telegram. By the way, TON chain also receives massive transactions thanks to this clickable game. I believe both Telegram and TON chain's DAO will support this young project to thrive as this win - win case may bring millions of dollars for both parties.

Here is my referral link if you want both of us to get 2500 coins. Here is the link without ref to sign up.

The game has some potential unless the team ruins the hype. We will see where this story ends. For the team, it is a type of fair airdrop in exchange for the hustle.

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