Proving Trust on the Pale Blue Dot

Proving Human Identity and Good Actors Over the Internet

One of the problems over the internet is proving whether a person is a real human being and they are acting as a good actor. Trust over the internet is becoming one of the harder things to prove - Bot's shilling, Super Users, Data mining, targeted ads and multitude of tech based computer programs.

I'm running an experiment on my telegram. The experiment is designed to filter out bad actors and bots to find a new person to run a node on Idena. I run a node on the Idena Blockchain. and have been doing so for the last 20 epochs - (See Blockchain Here ) The basis for this blockchain is solving flips to prove you're a real human being. 

Liu Liyliy - Said he's done the validation before and was recently killed for not passing his 3rd exam. 

Dan G - He's asked a few good questions and more than that made me laugh joking around. We joked around about being a bot! Having a sense of humor is one thing Bots and robots are hard to make up so I've got to give that credit in my early analysis of proving real human identity. 

J W - Noticed the Pale Blue Dot reference in my user name! Carl Sagan is one of my favorite scientists and I loved his idea behind the Pale Blue Dot story. 

So far I've found 3 people looking for an invite. Follow me here or check out the official Medium for more about Idena! What I plan on doing is creating a spreadsheet that will be available to my telegram to see and ranking the participants to determine which one is most trustworthy as a good, competent actor who will join the network. I will give out one invite on 4/20 and 4/21. 

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Idena Trust Experiment
Idena Trust Experiment

An experiment ran on the Idena Network regarding trusting stranger over the internet

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