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5 Money Lessons I Learned From a Very Wealthy Prostitute

By ideaman | Lets Grow | 15 Feb 2023

I used to attend a private school and perform at a popular theme park, where I had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people, including many beautiful women.

To my surprise, I discovered that some of them were escorts or had engaged in sex work for money in the past. This experience inspired me to write a book about sex workers, whom I prefer to call courtesans.

One of the women I met, whom I'll refer to as Austin, was a stunning young woman who was two years older than me. She had striking features, including jet-black hair and a curvy figure. I met Austin through a friend while working on my project about sex workers.

Despite my difficulties in finding interviewees, Austin agreed to be interviewed anonymously, so long as I kept her identity confidential. I agreed to her terms.

During my sessions with Austin, the topic of money came up frequently.

Austin was quite wealthy and materialistic, even for a courtesan. He owned a fully paid-for condo, which in my hometown costs well over a million dollars.

Without any delay, here are some of the most valuable money lessons I learned from Austin. By following these tips, you can get closer to achieving financial wealth without resorting to selling your body.


Utilize Your Appearance to Stand Out as a Weapon

Just because you are not a sex worker, it doesn't mean you can't use your looks to your advantage. Research has shown that attractive people get more benefits and promotions, and make more money in the long run compared to those who are less attractive.

To increase your attractiveness, you need to put in some effort. Austin, a courtesan, always ensures that she looks good by getting her hair done, manicuring her nails, and using designer perfume. She doesn't do it out of vanity but because she knows that investing in her looks will pay off in the long run.

Investing in yourself is crucial, and making sure that you look presentable is an essential part of that investment. So, before heading out to a sales meeting or dinner with a potential client, make sure to put in extra effort into looking good.

A fresh haircut, well-ironed clothes, and some cologne can make a significant difference in how you present yourself and how you stand out among your peers who put in less effort.


You Make Money By Solving Problems for People Who Have Money

Austin doesn't come cheap. For an overnight booking, it will cost you about two thousand dollars. And don't expect her to entertain you in some dingy motel room. She is selective, and for her, it's either five-star hotels or nothing.

You might be thinking, "Who does she think she is?" But it's not a matter of being uppity. It's about knowing your worth and targeting the right customers.

Speaking from experience, I've dealt with budget clients, and it's not worth the trouble. They're more likely to haggle with you and demand more for less. Meanwhile, high-end clients are more laid back and generous with their spending.

So, in business, aim for premium service and focus on serving a select group of high-end customers. Even if they are picky, they're more likely to appreciate your work and pay you well. It's a win-win situation, and you won't have to settle for peanuts when you can have steak.


Provide Additional Services — For a Price

Austin's business strategy also involves offering additional services for an added cost. One such service she provides is a range of costumes, with uniforms being her specialties, such as an air stewardess or a student outfit.

While some may criticize Austin's approach, it is a common business tactic called "funnel marketing." It is the same tactic used by supermarkets to sell low-priced items like roast chicken to get customers in the door to buy higher-priced items like beer and candy. Similarly, bloggers offer free ebooks to sell their courses.

Instead of criticizing Austin, we can learn from her approach and incorporate additional services or products into our own business. It is an effective way to earn multiple payments instead of just one and to charge a premium price for these additional services or products.


Always Invest Your Money For The Long Haul

Similar to Voltaire, Austin understands the importance of being wise with her finances. She recognizes that time is not on her side, given the unstable nature of her work, and therefore has chosen to invest her money.

Rather than buying expensive items for herself, Austin purchased a condo as an investment property, which she rents out while still living with her parents.

In addition, she is pursuing further education and studying business, which is a smart investment in herself and her future. It's clear that Austin is taking steps to secure her financial stability beyond her current work.


Never induce ego

The last lesson, you must never induce ego. I don't think it need more context.


Final Words

To judge without empathy is easy, but understanding requires effort. Conversations with Austin have revealed a new world with different people and their own set of rules. The natural force of money obeys a certain set of laws regardless of the profession or method of earning. Seek to comprehend it. Looking beyond Austin's means of making money can lead to a greater understanding of life, people, and money.

Have a great day🤝

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This article is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered Financial or Legal Advice. Not all information will be accurate. Consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

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