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3 Simple Rules One Should Follow in Emotional Moments in Life

By ideaman | Lets Grow | 19 Feb 2023


At the start of a new work week, you wake up late and arrive at work feeling grumpy. Your boss notices your mood and reminds you of an impending deadline that you might miss. Overwhelmed, you bury your head in your hands upon reaching your office. Suddenly, you notice that your dog has peed on your shoes. The day seems to be spiraling into a series of unfortunate events.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to this, here are three gentle reminders that may help you get through the day with greater ease.


Feelings aren't permanent

The phrase “This too shall pass” has been a powerful source of comfort for me on some of my worst days. When you’re consumed by negative emotions, it can feel like things will never improve. However, I have learned not to be fooled by how I feel in the moment. I try to remember that emotions are temporary, and I will eventually move on from them. Sometimes, it also helps to reflect on difficult situations I have overcome in the past. If I could push through those challenges, then I can certainly do it again.

In moments of emotional turmoil, I find it helpful to acknowledge my feelings rather than try to push them aside. Ignoring them usually leads to a more significant emotional breakdown later on. Instead, I give myself permission to feel whatever I am feeling and validate those emotions. This approach helps me to sit with the discomfort and eventually move past it. It’s important to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion during difficult times, and acknowledging our emotions is a crucial part of that process.

Another valuable lesson I’ve learned is the importance of celebrating small victories. Sometimes, the most significant accomplishment on a tough day is just making it through. Rather than berating myself for feeling down or overwhelmed, I try to focus on the things I did well. Perhaps I made it to work on time, or I managed to complete a task despite feeling terrible. Celebrating these small victories helps to boost my self-esteem and build resilience for the next time I face a challenging situation.


Okay it's a bad day, I'll accept it

It may seem obvious, but picking oneself up during a bad day is actually a tricky task. Some days, despite feeling low, I can make the best out of them and continue to function. But on some other days, I find myself unable to even get out of bed. This often leads to harsh self-judgment and irritates my inner perfectionist. I would blame myself for not having the strength to do even the simplest of chores or take care of myself.

However, over time, I’ve learned that self-care is not always about trying to be productive. Sometimes, it’s just about taking the time to rest and do nothing. On days where I wake up with a heavy chest and everything in my life feels like it's going wrong, it's okay to simply allow myself to rest. Although it is true that physical activity can help one feel better, being intentional about taking a break can also have its own benefits.

Being intentional about rest means giving yourself permission to step back and take a break from the busyness of life. It means acknowledging that sometimes, taking a break is necessary for our physical and mental wellbeing. When we intentionally take the time to rest, we give ourselves the opportunity to recharge and come back stronger. We must remember that taking care of ourselves is not just about physical activity or productivity, but also about being kind to ourselves and allowing ourselves to rest when we need it.


Progress isn't also linear

When it comes to making progress, I used to think it meant taking one step after another in a clear, predictable way. However, as I’ve gone through my own journey, I’ve learned that progress is rarely linear.

In fact, it involves a lot of ups and downs, some sidesteps, and even some circling around before finally moving forward. There will be days where I feel like I’ve made significant progress, and others where I’ll have to slow down or even take a step back. And on those bad days, it’s especially important to remind myself that progress is not always straightforward.

On those bad days, it’s easy to feel like I’ve hit a wall or that all my progress has been undone. But I’ve learned that it’s important to keep in mind that progress is not always a straight line. Sometimes a bad day can be a chance to learn valuable lessons, and to make conclusions that can help make the next bad day a little less difficult. This means that even on those days where I feel like I’m going backwards, I’m still making progress in some way.

Ultimately, progress is about the journey rather than the destination. While it can be frustrating to feel like I’m not making as much progress as I’d like, I try to remind myself that progress is about taking steps forward, even if they’re small ones. It’s about being patient with myself and recognizing that progress is not always easy, but it’s always worth it in the end.


Final thoughts

I trust that these gentle reminders will be of help to you as you push through a challenging day. It's my sincere hope that even in the face of adversity, you'll take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life and discover a glimmer of happiness in the tiniest of details.

And if your furry friend has indeed marked your shoes, I encourage you to still engage with them when you return home, for their playful spirit is sure to bring some much-needed respite from life's troubles.

Have a great day, take care..

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