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By waybesuricata | ICO's | 17 Dec 2020

What would it take to get rid of the influence of web cookies, banners, and intermediaries, and to liberate people's data to own them, share them, and reveal their value?

Problems with a data value, privacy, and security are rooted in the original design of digital markets-central silos, bad actors, and bots-and solving them is one of Web 3's biggest rewards.

Over the past 18 months, the Tapmydata team has developed tools for users to take back control of their data, and to rebuild trust in companies, with Privacy by Design and blockchain retention score. Thousands of people and hundreds of organizations are already using our technology.

To break the old cycle of data abuse, we are now rolling out our decentralized personal data protocol and TAP token. Each user can manage their own Digital Identity, Blockchain-approved approval of NFTs (non-interchangeable tokens), and license it for use across the web, taking value from organizations (ERC20 tokens).


How does this work in practice? If you are a new or existing user of the tapmydata mobile app, you will use it in the same way to request data, add personal identification and identification, and store it in your Secure Wallet. We don't have access to keys or data.

The app rewards tap tokens for activities that benefit the community, such as sharing data or verifying credentials. You can then print (or purchase) your own Blockchain-approved works of approval using these tokens. These are things that organizations buy for use in targeted marketing, also using tokens.

Brave and Swash projects such as help people recognize that their data is valuable and can be accomplished through crypto, but still within the limits of available Adtech Systems work; I get paid for my interest or my browsing history to be sold to advertisers.

The Project teams are building blocks for people to play a new role with their commercially valuable data sitting in the driver's seat. Instead of seeing ads for something I bought last week, I can let companies know that I'm currently in the market to buy a kettle, hardware wallet, or an insurance policy. Advertisers can buy these permit works on a large scale by encouraging users with tokens.

The Project teams will use the money generated from this token sale to grow our user base, move technology to web browser add-ons, and encourage adoption among companies. At a time when crypto awareness (and prices) are rising, we can provide a ramp for the average consumer using the asset closest to their heart and provide a way for Web 3 companies and other dapps to get the data they need. low-risk, zero-confidence style.

The Tapmydata team is really excited to help people take control of their data, license it, and generate a universal income, and if the US election tells us anything, it's time for a change.

1 of our technical review last week of our vision and TAP journey. We shared it in his department. This week we will focus on how we do that, token design and economics. In the final chapter, we will detail the technology that underpins the coin and this fundraising.

Token Name: Tapmydata

Token Ticker: TAP

Token Type: ERC20

Initial Supply: 100,000,000

Maximum Supply: 100,000,000

TAP Distribution

For more information about our token distribution event visit https://tapmydata.com/tap-token

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