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By casperBGD | ICO.IEO.STO review | 27 Aug 2019

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It is easy to think regarding sending money home, with current state of world economy, where we have developed countries, countries in development process, emerging countries and under developed countries. People from countries that are lower on a development list go to developed countries to work and live, but often leaving family at home. It is a process that create opportunity for companies that transfer money from one country to another, independent of banks, that have broad bureaucracy process for international transfers. On the other hand, companies that transfer money internationally have simplified paperwork, but high fees, having for example WesternUnion, Ria money and similar.

Blockchain and global born projects on blockchain, offer international transfer as integrated option, that is allowed to all users, without country restrictions. For example, BTC could be send internationally, without country restrictions and restriction of local regulations. Nevertheless, transfer without regulation has lower transaction fee, but there is no protection in case of fraud. Now, there is a proposal for a specialized project that provide solution for remittance, and it is Dexa Coin.

It is a revolutionary application, that simplify money transfer – sending and receiving, through inbuilt instant messaging feature in the application. Process is faster, but security is on a high level and middle man is excluded. Of course, since this application is a payment application, transfer could be done globally and internationally, but also can be done locally and it will be possible to pay your check in a restaurant or store, and link application account to your bank account to use the application similar to VISA and MasterCard functionality.

Instant messaging will be inbuilt feature of the application, so that Dexa Coin users can communicate in-between during money transfer and facilitate all deals in the application. Useful feature for all business owners, that are able to send message, or thank you note, to all their customers in real time, after receiving of payment.

Blockchain offer one more advantage comparing to traditional solutions, since it is operational 24/7 and transfer is almost instant. Regarding Dexa Coin planned development, it is good to note that middle east countries, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are the most active countries from which is money sent, followed by European countries and Canada. Nevertheless, most important corridor for sending money is from USA to Mexico, because of number of Mexican workers in the USA. This creates also opportunity for traditional money transfer companies, but also for private transfer that brings a lot of uncertainty and scam. Current remittance rates are between three and ten percent, which is high and offer a lot of potential for alternative solutions.

Application will offer DEXA wallet, to hold your DEXA coins balance, but also ERC 20 tokens and Bitcoins. For better income strategy for the project, Dexa will also offer premium features, that will include transaction summary on a monthly level, discounts on service see for premium users, reward points for active users, in a form of airdrop for users that hold Dexa coins in their wallets. Total number of tokens is 100 billion.

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ICO.IEO.STO review
ICO.IEO.STO review

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