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By casperBGD | ICO.IEO.STO review | 23 Aug 2019

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Freelance works industry is growing on a steady rate, regardless of blockchain technologies that could help to increase acceptance of freelance work, due to facilitated payments, trust and secured protocol. Trusted ratings, that could be provided by blockchain, since all the ratings are validated and immutable, is very important part of shared ecosystem, where people interact through internet only. Since online presence could lead to many scams and hacks, trust is the main aspect of successful projects.

Canlead project is presenting decentralized opportunity sharing ecosystem, that is not related only to works and jobs, it is related to all kinds of opportunities that could be shared online. Each participant is seen as source of opportunity and they are collaborating as interconnected peers. As seen by Canlead developers, it is a part of 4th industrial revolution, that is pushing economy to a better, smarter and fairer future. Recruitment industry that is related to job opportunities could be disrupted by this approach, where online presence could be valued directly. Canlead three-year roadmap sees project with 200k users within this period.

Recruitment industry is taking a lot of time and money for hiring new people, which is heavy load for two sides employer and candidate. Third side is recruitment agency, that is profiting from new hires, but also could benefit from more hires, since their placement time in UK is estimated as six weeks.

Online business social networks have already taken a part of recruitment process, and job invitation through Linkedin is normal thing today, while seemed almost impossible ten years ago. While Linkedin, Indeed, Rightmove, Xing brought a lot of opportunities, there is also room for improvement, since there is lack of trust in the network, no incentive to share opportunities and build long term relationship, there is no visible earning possibilities for users and rating is not provided, for mutual ratings between candidate, agency and employeers.

In the Canlead whitepaper -, Canlead provided competitor analysis with Plentix, Aworker and WOM, with Canlead foreseen opportunity sharing, 3-side market model, consumer C2C, fiat and crypto support and artificial intelligence as distinct advantages compared to competitors.

Platform recognize five roles in the Canlead ecosystem – customer is creating the opportunity, while set and pay for referral fee, referrer is referring the opportunity provided by the customer, for a referral fee, candidate get hired by the opportunity and provide services, verifier is verifying the opportunity and rate it for future use and mediator is the last step, the resolve conflicts by other parties.

Artificial intelligence, mentioned as one of the Canlead advantages over competition, shall secure personalised, engaging and timely referrals and recommendations between millions of users from all sides. It is very important to have a good way to provide user with a matching opportunity in the real time, so that opportunity can be fulfilled successfully.

Regarding tokenomics, roadmap sees IEO until the end of this year and two IEO shall be in September. Mainnet is planned for the middle of next year. It is an interesting project that provide a way to distrupt the job industry with opportunity sharing.

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ICO.IEO.STO review
ICO.IEO.STO review

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