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By | | 9 Jun 2021


👋 Hello Icarians,
We want all icarians to feel safe and sure about their investments.
Are you still having questions? 👀

We want to keep having transparante information displayed to our community, so users can make their analyses/observations and make educated decisions! 
The analytics page in our dApp is on the way, you will be able to find all this information and more, so keep an eye for that announcement.

Below you can find a list of the addresses and the smart contracts with their respective timelocks 👇


ica_btcb pool is deployed: 0x580654eF0DC8Ff5B6c83cBF981cBC127090C40F1
ica_btcb lpStaking is deployed: 0x365f35345Fad19542b5E410e7075D78878e33434

ica_eth pool is deployed: 0xE24a2831129b91c7771De7251dbB7Bb418d22DBb
ica_eth lpStaking is deployed: 0xa2Cc6b285Ea841Bcb5F49B81995296ccd2Fba212

zeth staking pool is deployed: 0x54559aD7Ec464af2FC360B9405412eC8bB0F48Ed
zeth lpStaking is deployed: 0x38b7aD558f825D6B3e2e6a26Cf61F822f97a3642

Since we have migrated to v2 of $ICA, we will publish as planned, our second external audit in the near future.

Feel free to read our 1st audit here:

We will always recommend for users to read our whitepaper and github before making any investment, please DYOR, only invest what you can afford to lose, this is not financial advice.


Kindly consider checking around

Find out more information below!👇

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