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By | | 6 Jun 2021

👋 Hello Icarians, 

Last weekend we share with you an article regarding BTC mining, you can find it here 👇 

Today, let’s take a quick look at $ETH mining. 

So what does EIP 1559 bring? 🤔

✅ Base fee gets burned 🔥 (Deflationary $ETH)

✅ Doubled block size 💪🏻

✅ Tip for the validators 🤝


It’s expected that we see this upgrade in $ETH next month (July 2021), so this means my profitability will decrease?  

Certainly $ETH mining has been more profitable than before, especially due to the rise of $ETH market value and network congestion. This pushes users to increase the amount of gwei necessary to “push” a transaction, increasing the miners rewards.

We do expect to see some reduction on how profitable it is compared to recent periods of time, after the EIP 1559 is live, but let’s wait and see the onchain results of it.

Ethereum is taking it’s steps to achieve the desired PoS (Proof of stake), expected to be fully deployed by 2022, making it more scalable, secure and environmentally friendly!

Hash rate token $ZETH

✅ 0,1M hashpower 👀

✅ Simple stake to earn ($ETH + $ICA) 👌🏻

✅ DeFi applications (ZETH-BUSD, Star Cluster) 🤑

✅ Real miner rewards (no synthetic assets) 🥳


Higher hash power -> more cryptographic equations solved -> more transactions validated -> more and bigger blocks verified -> higher Ethereum mining yields.

$ZETH allows you to have an easy entry in the mining game, as well as exchange grade liquidity when you’re happy with your achievements and wish to end the adventure.

It provides not only mining but also DeFi applications, making it a really unique token of it’s kind and use cases!


🍀 At, we also care about the environment 👌🏻

We have planned to start as soon as possible a new farm location with green energy sources!

This way we can continue to support miners around the world with cheap and easy entry as well keeping sustainable and environmentally friendly, while at the same time providing a safer Ethereum network.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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