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By | | 28 Jun 2021

Hello Icarians 👋
Build, build, build. This time we announce 🔥 Analytics page 🔥

If you’ve followed progress and saw our previous AMAs, you will see that we talked quite often about wanting to increase transparency to users in an industry where there isn’t much: Crypto mining.

Mining projects are not always clear on the true cost of the operation, the true value of the hash rate token or either with obstacles on the road. This makes it difficult for users to compute the true APR %, especially those who want to get started in crypto mining, but don’t necessarily have the hardware or the knowledge to do so.

We want this information to be accessible to the community and all icarians in a manner that is sustainable moving forwards (more information = less FUD), not only to confirm the numbers are true but also to allow for more strategic decisions.

Here you will be able to find the most relevant info regarding our project! 👀

✅Mining analytics
✅Mining report updates

Because $ZBTC and $ZETH are our hashrate tokens we prepared a specific report page for them.We also want to deliver analytics such as:

✅Hashrate power
✅Performance per watt
✅Electricity Costs (kw/h)
✅Total mined so far

Note that this info may not all come at once, but we’re working on delivering it in our roadmap.

You can expect the first versions of the daily statistics to begin in the near future, then a full analytics page!

Kindly consider checking around

Find out more information below!👇

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