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By ibrahimcetinkale | ibrahim cetinkale | 25 Feb 2021

     Sometimes there are times when we want to go to places away from everything and everyone, to a place that is quiet, calm and peaceful.

     City life is tough and stressful, right? We have ridiculous worries about waiting for payday with excitement, going to work at 9am, returning at 5pm.

     I want to go to Africa where all this is not there and where there are breathtaking views.


     This is the wonderful place I want to go in my dream, peaceful and quiet.

     Also, this is the only place where I admire African nature and wildlife. The homeland of magnificent creatures like zebras, giraffes, elephants and lions that I want to see the most.







     It is a very interesting place in terms of human life, after its magnificent nature.


     This is where you see it, I think you all dream of Africa. Africa with poverty and poverty. Surprisingly, there are very rich people in Africa.


     Yes, this is Africa too, but Africa with rich people.

     I think no matter where in the world you live, this difference between rich and poor and the war between good and bad will always exist.

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Hi, I İbrahim Çetinkale, 18 years old, I live in Turkey, I finance student at the university.

ibrahim cetinkale
ibrahim cetinkale

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