XEND FINANCE Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Pool (LBP)

XEND FINANCE Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Pool (LBP)

By INI ABASI EKANEM | iaminiekanem | 17 Mar 2021

XEND is the utility token of Xend Finance being used for rewards, governance, staking, and payment for decentralized insurance. The total supply of XEND is 200 Million with a buy-back and burn program planned by the team, to reduce the total supply to 100 Million XEND. The pre-seed, private sale, and public sale of XEND tokens have all been completed with a total of 35.82% of the total supply being sold out. From March 22 -24, Xend Finance will auction 6.65% of the total token supply in a Liquidity Bootstrap Pool (LBP) by Balancer. The LBP will commence at exactly 15:00 UTC+0, March 22, 2021, and will end at 15:00 UTC+0, March 24, 2021. This Liquidity Bootstrap Pool is offering a fair opportunity for investors to purchase XEND and allow an orderly price discovery for XEND. This Liquidity Bootstrap Pool pricing mechanism limits front-running and sniping bots and reduces the price volatility of XEND.


Steps to participate in $XEND Liquidity Bootstrap Pool:

  1. Go to https://balancer.exchange/#/swap after the launch time
  2. Connect a compatible wallet — MetaMask, WalletConnect, Portis, Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic.

0*-lcuk6sQRhAnk0Xj3. On the Balancer page, select “Asset”.

4. $XEND LBP is paired with USDC; other assets will result in greater transaction costs.

5. Ensure your wallet has sufficient ETH for gas charges.

6. Insert the $XEND contract address which will be published on https://xend.finance/ following our token generation event.

7. Insert the amount of $XEND that you wish to purchase and select “SWAP”

8. $XEND will be in your wallet when the transaction is complete.

For more information click here or visit Balancer LBP FAQAfter the LBP, XEND would be listed on Uniswap and other centralized exchanges and DEX for trading.

As the world adopts decentralized finance (Defi) and blockchain technology, Xend Finance looks ready to disrupt the global credit union market and save Africa from its economic misery. Learn more about Xend Finance and join the communities:

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Ini Abasi Ekanem is a Nigerian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency researcher, writer and author of "FTX: Trading the Future with Tokenized Stocks".


Ini Abasi Ekanem is a Nigerian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency researcher, writer and author of "FTX: Trading the Future with Tokenized Stocks". With over four years of researching and writing about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Ini Abasi writes to educate people about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and health. Ini Abasi has written blockchain academic articles and has collaborated with blockchain projects including SPAC, DhdBank, Atomic Wallet, CoindustApp and many more.

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