Trading BTC today
Trading tools are so nice

Trading BTC today

Today I got a signal from my BTC trader, he said to go long low leverage. So I have time today and I looked into it, and set up a little long. First I will share the info I use to help make this trade happen, and then I will break down the fundamentals. I use this tool to monitor the trade by sound. I get the volume and the sell/buy from the sound, so I do not have to watch the chart.

I have this goal in mind and a decent stoploss I may choose to ride this out though...



Good sell location I have at $10,489. I was in line before the 5 BTC so its all primed to sell.


So if it drops too much it may be some hard times for my wallet, oh well. I did fine the last few days and that happens sometimes when your not sure. 

(EDIT) I got rid of the stoploss, I will ride this out.


BTC is cheap, and I know why. But there is one complication, the value of BTC climbing may have been whales using the transaction fees to pump up the measured value of BTC. Sending a lot of BTC around from wallet to wallet can cause some of the metrics I use with the miners revenue to go out of whack a bit, but it may still not matter so much, payment is payment in the end. Worth a small risk I think, and a small risk I am taking today. I may reopen my long if it seems like a good time to do so when it closes out. I usually do that 2 or 3 times in a good run because I like to take profit and keep margin low.


With a valuation of $17,748 I am impressed at what may be soon to come. If I really have more of a passive trading style I would set a 2X long and sell at 15K just in case. Being poor makes you hungry for more in life, at least its fun. Boredom is something people feel, I usually just feel like I need more sleep. I really should write more but I work in spurts for now.


No massive buying or selling, a tiny bit of holding going on lately. Good sign


Really not much abnormal selling here lately.

The mining revenue has been climbing which is good for the price, but not good enough for a bull run, however we can talk about that a bit, there may be signs of that happening soon, and probably quickly. d614c638c3fc42c746dc36c43d8798d6db8556f9e8357dd51955bd04fdf3df86.png



You can see why the price may soon climb to meet the value of BTC, it really helps to watch this stuff.


So when this becomes normal, the price will be there too in USD. That is how this will go hopefully. Good luck, we all know BTC leads the way for fun altcoin trading with the ETH pair, or what ever else you like. If you are curious to see more about this then check it out here.

We still have a long way to go for the price to truly keep going up: 90cf7dc7c9b35af721f125c6c9a42b41f1062298b1ce7888f55bf977816270ce.png

Alright, I will keep you updated when something happens or I want to trade more.


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true gileadensis
true gileadensis

Just sharing some chart analysis with the Market Cipher trading tool. If you want to learn more:

I trade ADA, and have much to say
I trade ADA, and have much to say

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