Catching spikes trading, BTC price vs miners behavior
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Catching spikes trading, BTC price vs miners behavior

Hello all, what a time it has been lately. I will try to sum it up and post details and pics after. 

So.... The fed calls for inflation. Silver contracts in Sept, gold to push with that as well... BTC price good, lets see what the BTC miners are doing: ddc30196d8bf197a961dc0c06105bccf26f1634d92a7afd361568e722909e8e4.png

 Alright the miners are not selling now. That means that they expect a higher price. Lets look at the mining revenue and then get to the catching spikes talk. 


 The miners seem happy with pay, BTC is ok. Expect the wild surge of the Sept Silver delivery and fed target for 2% inflation to allow for some spikes.

Alright, past the boring technical stuff........ 



Lets talk about what we need, a good trade. Well if the market is due to dump we can't talk about that. I do not think it is. ETH gas price is high. I played with uniswap but i got out with the gas price. I actually staked some matic for the high interest before the gas went crazy, that seems like a good solution to the gas price of ETH, layer 2 solution, just names for ideas....

I like to trade ADA/ETH mostly but I just staked my ADA and let it be for now. I got a .52 ETH profit with the last ADA/ETH spike, low shallow order book on the selling side vs buying side, its what we do here. So I recently traded DOT/ETH for a 0.091 profit ETH, then bought in DOT again. Spike as follows: b24cd380935efcb820102d359d1a8b83f218587a74f388b5bfa73d6361a63730.png

 So what I think, we can keep catching some spikes here. I will make sure to post on time to allow you to catch them too, just sometimes its hard to focus on all of this at once...

But to help you out for now, if you see an ETH trading pair spiking a bit, set a limit order on your favorite altcoin and see what happens.  

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true gileadensis
true gileadensis

Just sharing some chart analysis with the Market Cipher trading tool. If you want to learn more:

I trade ADA, and have much to say
I trade ADA, and have much to say

I have been trading ADA since October 2017. I could not find it on google and just read rumors that ADA was financed by a private ICO in Japan, and that they had spun off from a gaming company. I had no idea that Charles from ethereum was involved. I traded from $.023 to $1.34. This is my story, followed with updates, because I want to share this story.

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