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Greetings everyone wherever you are in the world. I wanted to share my perspective in all of this. How many people think or agree that there are secrets written in ancient scrolls or even biblically that correlates with everything happening with the new financial system? Good, I heard in my mind somebody at least one person said, Yeah I can see that. Well I'm a visionary and I also love history. One of my favorite things to do is explore other parts of the world where significant things took place for that particular time like the Pyramids of Giza, Mayan Temples, ancient castles etc. I would find these end time type stories all seemingly recorded the same. Some different languages but mostly close to the same story as it pertains to how it all plays out. 

Am I the only one who is seeing the end of days playing out here? Not the days, allow me to clean that up, the end of the AGE. The age being the transition from Pisces to Aquarius, "where knowledge and truth will take care of us"(KRS ONE) I am also a lowkey philosopher lol . The start of the Golden Age is here. The Golden Age is said to usher in peace and prosperity into the land. Which brings me to DEFI, Fintech, Blockchain technology and where we are today. I want to propose this theory and then maybe on another post get more into the world ending lol the real way.

The ability of having a free financial infrastructure seems to correlate with the end times talk of peace and prosperity throughout the land and I will tell you why from my perspective.  No matter what religion, if you so choose religion or theory you may have we cannot negate the fact that historicalyl documents were written by the ancients who whether we want to acknowledge it or not had a profound grasp of a world where the Gods and the so called man existed together. These where times during the earth's pure stages. The times when the earth was clean or the people of it actually took care of it or maybe when it was born in it's baby stage if you will. Long story short I don't want to go off topic but my thesis is with this new found technology called Blockchain we are able to do things like have a financial independence.

Can you recall a time when a person's merit, morals and good deeds was the reason why they were rich? Me neither, but we can only imagine. With cryptocurrency that dream will soon one day become a reality. Just think we are living in a time where a child can be born, follow me with this. This child is birthed, given a name and a token. This token is this child's lifetime achievement account. Many who wish to support and praise this child from adolescence to adulthood can do so by sending crypto to this child's lifetime token for perhaps good deeds or even being a leader or a good student or a person who helps in class and is rewarded by the teacher. The majority of these new children growing up in this age will be proud to do good instead of what we see mostly today. These children will strive to please others, help those in need and be a decent citizen in society so as to not only possess a big bankroll when old or late 20's, 30's or teens even, but to use when they find themselves in a similar desperate situation. Cryptocurrency is enabling this type of world to become a reality. The same will go for those that cause public mayhem. Instead of deposits withdrawals lol! Maybe not withdrawals or maybe so maybe the internet will decide that fate administered their peers in a virtual court of some sort who knows. I will say this, no matter how you see it, this new Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency will definitely realize it one day. If I go on this blog and start talking about how my life would have been if this was initiated when I was born well I don't want to brag but I would have had a fund big enough to swallow any financial issue I've encountered thus far. Not saying just saying....... Anyway something to think about. Until next time, TO THE MOON!!!!!! on the way!!!!! @blockchainnewsnetwork on IG!

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Blockchain News Network
Blockchain News Network

Hello I am The writer of @blockchainnewsnetwork on IG the founder of Blockchain Billionaires Group the consultant at @Prestige Crypto Consultants on Facebook and the writer of How to trade crypto for profits @ crypto crazy I am!

I told you so!!!
I told you so!!!

The 1st blog post of T.Ramare'. Welcome to the story of going all in on Cryptocurrency since 2017. Most people laughed, most people said distasteful things about my character now they look at me like the GOLDEN CHILD!!!!! Hello World this is my BLOG!!!

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