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Hidden sciences is a higher level of knowledge that you and your normal people cannot reach and understand.

What we mean by normal people are people surrounded by natural sciences and people whose lives follow the rules of life, such as being born, growing, marrying, living a beautiful Earth life and dying. ( Briefly, people living in Paradise on Earth. )

Hidden sciences are superior to natural sciences in terms of degrees and layers.

What is natural science?

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc. we use in the world. These are the sciences taught at universities and schools.

Hidden sciences, the Lord of the Worlds Almighty ALLAH AZZE and CELLE is a special science taught and given by our Lord.

Saint, Mullah , righteous servants, and briefly, is the knowledge given to the allies by Almighty ALLAH AZZE and CELLE.

In the picture below, "HIZIR (A.S.)" is depicted.


For this reason, you can not understand normal people, hidden knowledge owners.

Because all you know is natural sciences.

For this reason, it is difficult for you to understand "a superior science" and you are trying to define it with your definition of "Contrary to the Rules of Physics" which is your famous cliché word.


The best example of secret knowledge is in the Qur'an by our Lord, Almighty ALLAH AZZE and CELLE.

MUSA (A.S.) was preaching to his companions on a subject.

Then one of his companions asked MUSA (A.S.) "Is there anyone more knowledgeable than you?"

When MUSA (A.S.) says "NO".

Our Lord ALLAH AZZE and CELLE warned MUSA (A.S.) and said:

"Either MUSA,
Where the two seas meet, we have a mercy and a righteous servant whom we teach a knowledge of! " said.

MUSA (A.S.) sets out to find the said servant (HIZIR A.S.) ..!

This journey is explained starting from the 60th verse of Surat al-Kahf below.

BİSMİLLAH HALIK VE MUSAVVİR ( With the name of Almighty ALLAH who created and shaped. )

  • O Muhammad! Once Moses said to his young man: I will go until I reach the place where the two seas meet, or I will go for years. Verse 60
  • So they both forgot their fish when they arrived at the junction of the two seas. Meanwhile, the fish had found its way in the sea and disappeared. Verse 61
  • When they cross the place where the two seas meet, Moses said to his young friend: Bring our mid-morning meal. Indeed, we were very tired on this journey, he said. Verse 62
  • Man: You see! said. Actually, I forgot the fish when we took refuge in the rock. The devil made me forget about me. He had made a strange way on the sea. Verse 63
  • Moses said: That was what we were looking for. So they went back to their tracks and went back. Verse 64
  • Finally, they found a servant of our servants that we gave him a mercy from our floor and taught him a science. Verse 65
  • Moses said to him: Can I be subject to you with the condition of a teacher from the science that was taught to you? Verse 66
  • Honestly, you cannot be patient with me. Verse 67
  • How will you be patient to what you cannot grasp? Verse 68
  • Moses: I hope you will find me patient and I will not oppose any of your business. Verse 69
  • (Khidr) said: Then you will be subject to me; Don't ask me anything about anything unless I tell you your secret! Verse 70


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