Binance is the stock market where whales hunt sardines.

By SAGE84 | I-Love-Crypto | 7 Nov 2020


Binance is the stock market where whales hunt sardines.

As we mentioned in the title, crypto lovers with small investments like us unfortunately become the prey of Whales on stock exchanges like Binance.

I realized that Binance is a place for Whales and high investors when I was not making a profit from my coins that I kept in the stock market.

Binance couldn't be like Uniswap.


Uniswap gave a nice reward to wallets registered before September 1, who contributed more or less by distributing 400 Uni token airdrops. (Of course, I could not benefit from this award, this is another issue, but I appreciate this behavior.)

With this behavior, Uniswap enabled crypto to be accepted by the wider community.
Binance, on the other hand, only distributes rewards to Whales. (I'm telling you this for the reward program I joined as a small investor but didn't win.)

I hope Binance realizes this mistake and embraces small sections of the community by distributing prizes.

That's why I decided to send the majority of my investment to a wallet like celcius where I will earn from crypto.

However, my cryptom has not been published in celcius yet. In my Algorand wallet, I continue to earn a little income with algo staking.

Hopefully it will release celcius, algorand and other pending cryptos immediately. Of course, it would be even better to set a high earning rate for algorand.

Join Celsius Network using my referral code 1420868562 when signing up and earn $20 in BTC with your first transfer of $200 or more!

All of Binance's award organizations target large investors. That's why small investors like me won't win any prizes ..!

I'm parting my ways with Binance now.

I left my remaining cryptos at binance for now because of high Ethereum transaction fees.


But I hope this won't take long, transaction fees will drop.

For me, Binance will now be an exchange I will use to sell crypto. Actually, there are alternative exchanges, but I intend to use it because the trading volume is high.

To sell crypto only, if you are not a member of binance, you can sign up from my membership link. Sign up for 10% commission discount


These are my thoughts.

Thank you for reading and supporting. I hope we, as small investors, can one day increase our crypto resources.

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