finally answer to which topic perform good at publish0x, on which topic i should post??

By Gaurav | i love crypto | 21 May 2019

well namaste free hydro seeker this is GAURAV

well i am new to publish0x, and i was having same question in my mind as i have mention in tittle!!! so i my self founded out which topic perform good at publish0x and decided on which topic i should post.

well the answer is petty simple, most of you wolud say post on crypto but no, actullly publish0x is full of such post people always post about crypto, crypto crypto and crypto that is a common topic 7 out of 10 post are in crypto thats why people think  that crypto post actully perform, most of the popular post are on crypto, but still think one time if people are talking about crypto a lot here, posting about crypto a lot some of it wolud automatically get popular. thats why in popluar feed most of the popular post are full of crypto, well another reason of this is that PUBLISH0X is a free crypto potal, people are here to just to gain crypto , most of the people come here just to tip, they come here just tip and go. littely they don'nt know on what they are stepping i request you pls read articles don'nt just tip and go away

so according to me the most perforing topic on publish0x is article about publish0x yes, the articles which earn a lot hydro, and views are just related to publish0x , author just post about how to do this,do that on publish0x and people just read it, or just click on it, by just seeing the name of publish0x yes, its true i am going to try this out here on publish0x in this article and the see how this article perfoms here

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i love crypto
i love crypto

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