Dark Jokes that I came up with. (Dont read if youre easily offended)

By Me and I | The red and dark | 16 Oct 2022

If you want to have a quick laugh check my jokes out, you may even laugh at how bad they are but here they are:

So a clown walks up to the counter at a pharmacy and skips the line and says to the pharmacist i want an extra large condom please. The three women in the line say " Hey whats wrong with you?" and the clown says to the pharmacist "right give me a total of three im gonna have a great night tonite with these ladies as well hehe".

Whats worst than being a pedophile? Going out with a girl over 18 and still getting accused of rape.

Whats worse than having your shorts come off at the beach? nothing, as long as they come off because youre getting a BJ.

Who is hotter Mona Lisa or Princess Diana? (Please answer in under 5 seconds).....................If you said princess Diana youre into necrophilia and should be charged for conspiracy to commit necrophilia.

What would happen if your mom caught you stroking your helmet head? If shes your step mother ask her to help you.

Well those were my jokes for the day. This is the first time I write jokes and post them I hope they were ok and if you have any feedback would love to hear about it. Will post more of these constantly if theres an audience for them. Thank you.

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Me and I
Me and I

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The red and dark
The red and dark

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