One Week Of Recording Everything I Read/Watched Regarding Crypto: AKA Crypto Overload And Asking Myself "Why The F*#k Did I Read So Much??"

Ok, first off, this was a fun project. Last week, I said I was going to track everything I read for the next week. It was pretty easy to do, I literally just bookmarked I visited when it was related to crypto.'s a lot y'all.

Primarily, because I LOVE to read--and there's just so MUCH to read in the crypto space right now--so I'm like a kid in a candy shop. But everything is super disorganized and I want to contribute to creating kind of order to this. I will definitely do this again, where I spend one week and just read as much as I can about ONE cypto topic. Whether that's defi, bitcoin's Satoshi Nakamoto, a specific coin, WTF banano is, or why gas is called gwee...and then I'll compile all of the articles I read for you.

I literally have folders within folders within folders on my bookmark bar. It's cray.


Quick overview: 

  • 28 Publish0x articles
  • 6 Reddit posts
  • 5 Medium articles
  • 3 YouTubes
  • 3 hours of listening to The Age of Cryptocurrency by Michael J. Casey
  • a shit ton of other stuff you can see above

So here are my thoughts and advice to myself and you. I am happy that you've exposed yourself to so many different cryto-munnities. There's the artists in NFTwitter, The Kind Doges, the insane Banano Discord, the gambling addicted But you need to remember the goals you set because there's simply too much to do it all and it's easy as hell to get distracted.

I'm not quite sure how to SHARE everything I read. Should I put it on a spreadsheet? Do you even care?

As a crypto n00b what is ONE thing I should read ALL about in the next week? Hit me with something I wouldn't expect!

As always, thanks for reading. You are important.

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I don't know anything about crypto
I don't know anything about crypto

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