Coinmarketcap Earn - What Is This Bullshite? *rant*

"Fine! We'll make our own Learn and Earn Platform in collaboration with Binance," said CoinMarketCap to Coinbase, "With blackjack and hooker!"

"Yeah, ok. That's fine." Coinbase said, "Just make it straightforward and simple."

"Why don't you go *@#$ yourself?!" yelled CoinMarketCap , red in the face.


And so off they went! But they forgot the straightforward , simple, blackjack, and hookers.

CoinMarketCap Earn's motto "Learn Crypto. Earn Crypto." Such a wonderfully simple and straight-forward motto. If only they'd taken a page outta their own book.

Don't we have some of the smartest people in the industry working on these platform. Revolutionizing the way we finance/purchase yada yada. WHO IS DOING THE UX/UI?!?!

I'm dyin.

Here what you have to deal with:

1. You have to watch 3-5 1-minute videos

2. You start the quiz and are asked by Captcha "Are you a lil-bitch robot?"

3. Accepting the Terms and Conditions. Who read this ish?

4. You have input your email you used to to sign up for CoinMarketCap - or sign up if you haven't already

5. You have to have put in Binance account ID - (which can't be copy-pasted because you literally can't select it at all on Binance!) I literally have mine memorized from having to put it in again and again.

6. The quiz questions, which might have been in the videos. And then you're wondering, "How I do?" BUCKLE UP

7. ANOTHER Capcha?! How did a robot get by on the first time!!?!

8. You then get an EMAIL saying they'll let you know if you got the questions right to the quiz!?! Super helpful!!

9. You have to input this information EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

10. And now you wait. Until...???

This rant came to fruition because, in the case of 1inch quiz, literally NOTHING in the videos was in the questions. I was aghast. Perplexed. And ready to cut a bitch. I want to learn. Why makes this as difficult as possible?! This is my first interaction with CoinMarketCap AND 1inch, and it's not very good. 

Conclusion: Not an easy user interface. Repetitive information input. This is an angst-fueled post as you can notice. I guess I have high expectation.

NOTE: The Graph videos were amazing. High-quality. But having to go through the hoops using CoinMarketCap just made it annoying.

Am I just being a whiny lil bitch about free money? -_-' Yes.



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