NFT Magic Box Exclusive Launch A Free NFT (

By husya41 | INVESTMENT STRATEGY | 1 May 2021

Hi everyone;

We are talking about NFT Magic Box Exclusive Launch a free NFT from announced the NFT Magic Box will be Online soon.

Quick news

What is the NFT MAGIC BOX describes the NFT Magic Box as follows:

" The NFT Magic Box is a platform where ANYONE can create their own NFT or participate in an NFT auction. is offering something completely unique that is unmatched amongst its peers in the cryptocurrency space" Exchange (@gate_io) | Twitter have decided to reward us with something special.To celebrate the launch of The NFT Magic Box, they will be offering users the chance to receive their very own NFT reward, for FREE!

How can I claim my NFT Tokens?


May 1, 2021 00:00 / 7 Days After Launch


During the event, the first 2,000 newly registered users who fill out the form first will receive one NFT token worth 0.4-70 USDT in accordance with their net deposit amount. NFT Magic Box Exclusive Launch A Free NFT for

After the Magic NFT Box is online, we can log in to the platform to activate the account.

New users can fill out this form to register for their FREE NFT:

Participation link

If you want to look at more details about NFT Magic Box from

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