Crypto Hackers Hacked Trump's Election Page

By Huseyin7 | huseyinusluoglu | 28 Oct 2020

Cryptocurrency hackers carried out a hacking attack on the website where they ran the election campaign for US president Donald Trump. Hackers tried to extract money by making blackmail rhetoric through the page they hacked.


As the US presidential election is coming to the final level, Donald Trump, both one of the candidates for this election and the current president of the United States, fell into the hands of cryptocurrency fraudsters. The website where the Trump campaigns are running for the US presidential election to be held on November 3 has been hacked by hackers.

The source that carried out the attack on Trump's website has not been determined yet. It is known that officials in the US are still tracking down hackers.


"We have secret conversations"

Hackers claimed to have hijacked multiple devices with access to top secret conversations about Trump and his family. The scammers wanted Monero to be sent to certain addresses to share or not to share their records through the site they hacked.

Hackers targeted separate addresses for those who want and do not want their records to be shared. In the end, it was stated that the amount in which wallet is excessive will act in that way. It is thought that hackers want Monero to be sent, especially due to its secret nature that makes it difficult to track.

According to The Verge's report; In addition, the hackers published an article that appeared to be a fake FBI statement during the 30 minutes they seized the site, accusing the Trump administration of playing a role in the spread of the coronavirus and collaborating with outside forces that led the 2020 elections.

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