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Will MTN Finally Leave Me Alone? I Hope so, but I am not Holding My Breath, Given the Company's Past Shenanigans.

Having submitted all financial records pertaining to my dealings with MTN to the handover company that MTN sends after former customers it wishes to extort, I received a request for more documents: A police affidavit stating that I am involved in a dispute with the MTN group (no shit, Sherlocke) and a copy of my ID with no less than six signatures on it. (Really, six  signatures? You've got to be shitting me!) Frankly, I found that utterly ridiculous, unnecessary and just further messing me around for the sake of it when it was clear they'd lost the fight. Anyway, I duly went and created an affidavit (since I needed another one for my visit to a government hospital, confirming no fixed employment for over six months), but couldn't be buggered to get six signatures; a police-certified copy of my ID from a couple of years ago would have to do.

Having duly got the documentation in order, I sent it through to the handover people, with yet another prompt to "please provide the account number", despite the fact that it's in the subject line of the correspondence. Shortly thereafter, I received a response stating this:

"We acknowledge receipt of the documents. However, MTN have withdrawn the case. Please deal with them directly."

I find that rather ironic, since MTN didn't have the decency to deal with me directly regarding the matter in the first place; they got a legal team to go after me. Anyway, I sent them the documents, not hugely confident that they'll get delivered to the right department or people. Still, they've hopefully learned their lesson (which is not to tangle with a honey badger if you want to survive the encounter) and will not be bothering me any further about money they allege I owe them due to their negligence. I have my doubts, though, knowing them and their level of incompetence and general shenanigans ...

In Other News

It's taken a while to get to this point, but I finally have a new course of meds. They will hopefully tone down my particular combination of crazy and help me to be functional enough to hold down a job for more than a few months, should I ever find one to test out if they actually work or not. Going through the government departments to get anything (whether it's healthcare, the DMV or UIF) is a slow process, but it does work if you know how to work it in your favour and are persistent despite frustration and obstacles.

All I need now is to find a job, earn an income, buy some new clothes (since my current ones are looking tired and going to holes), a new computer and get my car fixed, a full tank of fuel and a new ID so that I can get as far away from my current life as I can. No pressure, right? Still, progress is being made, albeit slowly.

Here's wishing you a pleasant and sane weekend,
The Snark

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Great White Snark

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Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS

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