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The Futility of Doing Housework, Yardwork (and Other Repetitive Tasks) and Other Random Musings

I abhor doing repetitive tasks that are purely drudgery. (I think that the desire to get away from it through automation is a large part of why I studied software and Web development and want to learn robotics, apart from challenging and entertaining myself creating games). Housework and yard work fall into that category. To my mind, they are boring, repetitive and pointless wastes of time. I'd far rather be doing something productive, lucrative or educational. I know that doing these things makes a place look neat, tidy and visually appealing ("sparks joy", as one of the neat-freaks on Netflix puts it), but it needs to be done every week or two since things revert back to the way they were before one started ... All systems tend to chaos/entropy, after all.

At least with running autofaucets while I'm doing it and having the Sweatcoin (SWC) app installed on my phone, it's not a total waste of effort; I earn *something* for moving about (although it's minimal since 1 000 steps ≈ 1 SWC ≈ $0.02 and, depending on the nature of the task, I don't move much). Making passive income viable is a lot of hard work.

Fortunately, I'm still young enough that I can move about quite a lot and get fit fairly quickly, so I make the effort to walk at least five thousand (5 000) to ten thousand (10 000) steps every day. What I'd really like to do is find and stick to a training program so that I will one day be able to run the Boston marathon and/or Comrades. Currently, I try to walk as much as I can, mainly because most of the places I go are within walking distance and I save fuel and thus money that way. (I still want to see how long it takes me to walk to where I work and back, since I suspect that's possible.) Earning SWC for doing so is a good incentive.

On that note, I went walkabout to the shops today to buy bread and chocolate yogurt (which was disappointingly lacking in its chocolate:yogurt ratio), in what remained of the day's sun after a brief storm. Not for the first time, I was pleased that I bought myself some big black gumboots (Wellingtons) on special a few weeks to a month ago. (They cost me a week's earnings, which was more than reasonable as price goes, as far as I'm concerned). For a long time, I've wanted some big black boots and these (although not leather, which would be ideal) fill that need. I feel confident, dominant, important and in control when I'm wearing them and thudding along, unscathed, through muck and puddles. I know there's no logical reason why I should feel that way; they're just shoes, really. It's probably a fetish thing. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford some leather kaktrappers. A man can dream/hope ...

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Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS
Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS

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