Warning: Bridge Washed Out (unless you feel that this is an attempt to deprive you of your liberty)

Opinion: Concerning COVID-19, GoFundMe and Neil Young made the right calls. (Spotify didn't.)

GoFundMe allegedly blocked/withheld millions of dollars in the fund truckers set up for protesting mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. Good for them. They made the right call, in my opinion.

The truckers protesting against mandatory vaccines are bloody disgraceful and should be ashamed of themselves, even fired for reckless endangerment. What's even more disgusting is that anyone donated money in support of them. Just go get the shots; they're free and will take up far less time than has been wasted in fundraising and protest, you big babies.

To all the people who've commented on this phenomenon with, "If they had used crypto, they wouldn't have had a problem with censorship/restrictions": Yes, you're right about that, but fuck you anyway; you're not helping.

Also, fuck Spotify for choosing Joe Rogan over Neil Young. Young is one of the world's greatest musicians to ever put a political message in a song. Joe Rogan's just some uneducated conspiracy theorist schmuck who can't tell the difference between a third eye and a turd eye. I never was keen on Spotify, but now I'm less so. There's one platform I'm glad that I never signed up for and attempted to use for hosting my music.

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Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS
Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS

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