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Best Wishes for 2023

To all my followers old and new,

Thank you for your support this year. I hope you've had a restive festive season/Yule and your cryptocurrency stash has grown.

This month has been quite busy for me, with what I've been up to when not writing. Exercising about 180 pooches a day, four or five days a week, takes quite a lot of my time, but it's oddly not tiring work. (I get more tired doing a few hours of housework than I do spending six hours or more in the summer sun with other people's fur kids. Perhaps that's because, while it's emotionally and physically demanding, it's very rewarding work. I must admit that I have grown quite attached to many of the funny little beasts, as they seem to have to me. It'll be quite a wrench when things quieten down again.)

An Old Friend I'm certainly going to miss this sweet old girl. If you want more pooch photos, head to Vixxi and drop some Nano (XNO).

As far as the new year goes, I hope it turns out better than the last two have, COVID-19 be damned! I've been writing quite a lot and gained almost half as many followers as I had previously. I hope I can persuade/push those of you who can spare a little extra fiat to subscribe to my Buy Me a Coffee and Patreon content, since I'm still not earning much here, even for the posts that get enough tips and views to make it to the front page. I hope that reading and writing content is still going well for you, although I must admit I haven't done as much reading and tipping as I would like to have this month.

As some of you may not know, I was gainfully employed for about three months and saving as much as I could in the hope of finally getting a place of my own and putting my life back on track. Unfortunately, the project lead resigned and the Website on which I was working got postponed until further notice (which could be February, if not later). The result of that is my contract didn't get extended/renewed, so I am looking for work once again. Bloody Yanks, but there's nothing I can do about it. I've just got to keep hustling and moving forward. (That's part of why I'm teaching myself about cryptography and blockchain; I don't want to be stuck developing tired old Web 2.0 sites for the rest of my life. Give me new and exciting challenges!) I've got enough money to last until the end of January, but I'll have financial problems if I'm not earning decently by the end of February at the latest. However, the upside is that I learned new skills and can now justifiably ask for a larger salary from my next position, so it's not all bad.

It's probably a little too early for this (since it's not even New Year's Eve), but I'm wishing you a great year and much happiness,
The one and only Great White Snark

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Great White Snark
Great White Snark

I'm currently seeking fixed employment as a S/W & Web developer (C# & ASP .NET MVC, PHP 8+, Python 3), hoping to stash the farmed fiat and go full Crypto, quit the 07:30-18:00 grind. Unsigned music producer; snarky; white; balding; smashes Patriarchy.

Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS
Snark Attack: Random Musings from The GWS

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