Bitcoin ATM global map. Check where to buy: Bitcoin ATM
Bitcoim ATM

Bitcoin ATM global map. Check where to buy: Bitcoin ATM

By Foxhunter | hunter24 | 20 Feb 2020

Bitcoin ATM is a machine that's similar to traditional ATM, where you can buy or sell Bitcoin for traditional currencies. The number of Bitcoin ATMs increases daily and at the moment there are thousands of them, located all around the world. Below, you will find the link to Bitcoin ATM map, so you can conveniently and quickly check if there are Bitcoin ATMs in your area, or not.

Bitcoin ATM global map:

How to use Bitcoin ATM radar?

Find your country on the map.

atm map

On the table, in bottom-left corner, tick an ATM you are looking for (what cryptocurrencies you want to buy or sell).

atm map

Bring it closer and download the address. :)

atm maps

Once you find the sufficient ATM in your area, all you have to do is go and visit it. When you're there, follow the instructions on the screen, regarding purchase or sale of BTC. Remember to have a mobile app, with cryptocurrency wallet you use, with you, to be able to scan the code needed to buy BTC or to sell it.

You can find many video instructions of how to do it correctly, for beginners, on YouTube.

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