It hurts.

By humoalex | humoalex | 9 Feb 2020

You go between my fingers
I feel your warmth
only in the distant past,
and yet
I miss you so much
that it hurts...

Vía Láctea, Estrellas, Noche, Cielo, Paisaje, Desierto

One fiery step
to your passions,
to your expectations,
to your sorrows.

While I long to be with you,
you've already gone all my way
and you return victorious
to your corner as if you were mocking fate,
as if you were timeless,
unequivocal, wind that freezes my temples,
and warmth that comforts my senses,
but this hurts...

Flor, La Vida, Crack, Desierto, La Sequía

And despite the harsh environment,
hope is reborn, you sweeten my mouth,
you turn my despair into faith,
and my heart goes back to your feet
to give his heartbeat to you,
and this hurts...



Created by:  humoalex

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