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Samsung made the Galaxy Watch Active 2 official today.
At first sight, it looks exactly like the first generation Galaxy watch active but there
are some significant changes both in design and features.
A lot of Samsung fans were unhappy when Samsung removed the rotating bezels last year.
Samsung was listening to all of the complaints so they brought it back this year albeit the
thin black bezel around the display is now touch-sensitive and emulates the functionality
of the rotating bezel that a lot of us really liked.
That said, the biggest feature of this watch is hands down the ECG sensor similar to the
one that we have on the Apple watch.
This feature has proven to save many lives on the Apple watch so I'm really glad that
Samsung is bringing it to the Android side as well.
The problem is it won't be activated right out of the box, Samsung needs some certification
and once they get it they'll enable the feature with a software update.
Also, the watch supports 39 activities and has better sensors so if you are a health-centric
person then this watch will improve your experience.
Also, another big feature is that this watch is now independent of your phone.
I mean it comes with LTE connectivity so you can use it without pairing it with your phone.
Of course, there will be a non LTE version too which will cost lower.
Also, you can control your phone with this watch.
You can open the camera, take pictures, and even watch the photos right from your watch.
You can also play YouTube videos on this tiny screen.
You can also use twitter, google translate and much more.
If you want a smartwatch to pair with your Android phone then this is your best bet.
And these are the official prices of the Galaxy Watch active 2.

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