Galaxy Note 10 Launch at a Lower Price

So we have got some good news about the upcoming flagship beasts from Samsung.
New information says that the Galaxy Note 10 could launch at a lower price than what was rumored earlier.

A few weeks ago we got the European prices for both the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus which
indicated that the base variant which is going to be 256GB will have these prices.
999 for the Note 10 and 1149 Euros for the Note 10 Plus.
But now, according to Ishan Agarwal, the price is going to be a little lower than that.
He says the Note 10 will start at 949 Euros and Note 10 Plus at 1099.
Of course, this goes without saying that not all the European countries will have these
exact prices.
There are a lot of multiple factors involved in deciding the prices for individual countries
and tax is one of them.
But in any case, most of the European countries should get these prices.
As for the price in the US, we still have no word yet but judging by the latest information
it's safe to assume it could be $949 and $1099 for the Note 10 and 10 Plus respectively.
Of course, we're just 5 days away from the unpacked event so we'll find out soon enough.
We have images of the official cases for the Note 10 and honestly, they look amazing especially
the stripe of transparent glass running across the right edge of the screen, which gives
information at a glance by taking advantage of the Always On Display functionality.
It's available in black, white, blue and red as well.
Which means they would also launch be a red Galaxy Note 10 too, but knowing Samsung, I'm
sure it will be limited to some countries.
Also, this is the official 25W charger that you'll get inside the box with the Note 10.
Of course, if you want to experience the 45W charging speeds you need to pay $50 extra
and buy the 45W charger separately.
We also have some live images of the Galaxy Note 10.
It is the first time the device has been captured while it's powered on.
It's in a flip cover case and shows nothing new here, it looks exactly like the previous
Punch hole camera in the middle, extremely thin bezels overall, even the chin is very
It's always interesting to get a glimpse of an unreleased device especially of the Galaxy
Note 10 caliber.
That said, what do you think about the new prices?
Assuming that they are accurate, would you change your mind and consider getting the Note 10 or Note 10 Plus


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