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It has been heard many times over about the revolution the term "cryptocurrency" has been causing all over the world.From the onset of bitcoin's creation, a lot more had been made so far through the years and more are on their as the world keeps on growing and developing. All transactions being done as regards this cryptocurrency,otherwise called crypto are being stored in what is called a blockchain. This blockchain makes it possible for storage of transaction data,and also making it available for the public to see thus accounting for its transparency. Although it can make guarantee of these mentioned above, there are still problems limiting the crypto world. For instance the issue of hackers coming to steal data & other relevant information on the system, activities of fraudsters and many more vices. Huge steps have been made to propel crypto wallets and trades into the energizing and troublesome industry that it is today. However, the craving stays for a client centered encounter to purchase, sell, and use crypto in a protected, advantageous, and solid application. An innovation called javvy has been made to solve these issues.


What is javvy?
It is the full mix of a general wallet associated with various trades directly accessible to the cryptocurrency advertise. It dispenses with the requirement for different records and applications while exploiting their particular advantages. Alongside our straightforward and quick procedure for client enrollment and confirmation, it conveys certainty and clearness to the client as crypto approach mass reception. This platform gives every one of the instruments important to safely store, use, and put resources into cryptocurrency. For more check Website:https://javvy.com/

1.Fully non centralized
When you're disconnected, so is your wallet Crypto wallets ought not be online or hold your private keys
2.Smart Setup with the Javvy Brain Wallet
Variable dimensions of security and accommodation, in light of client's solace level Optionally set up a mystery expression to permit less demanding private key recuperation
3.Cold Storage
Backing for equipment cold stockpiling wallets for greatest security Support simple import of accomplice cold stockpiling wallets
4.Robust Login Features
Alternatively include extra layers of security beginning with your secret phrase, biometrics through unique finger impression, and multi-sig wallet approval.
5.Option for Multiple Signature Wallets
Oversee access with configurable alternatives for various marks. Institutional and control clients profit by settling on shared monetary decisions. Likewise empowers production of sub-wallets with unmistakable access rights.
For more check Website:https://javvy.com/

Step by step instructions to trade from fiat cash to cryptocurrency
For those who want to get crypto using cash, these steps can be of help;
First of all, the user submits a request to trade his/her crypto and fiat currency.Then the peer hubs approve the exchange by means of system affirmations.If the system gets a request for sale, the team checks the OFAC list for the exchange subtleties.If a match is discovered, the framework drops the request and banners the record for survey otherwise, peer hubs occasionally check for adequate blockchain affirmations.If affirmed, start wire exchange to client,otherwise, the request will in the long run be cleared from the request book.In the same vein, if the system gets a request for purchase, then the team checks a crypto OFAC for the wallet address.If a match is discovered, the framework drops the request and banners the record for survey,oherwise, we occasionally check for bank notice that reserves have cleared. Also if the assets clear, with related update subtleties, crypto exchange is started,otherwise, the request will in the long run be cleared from the request book.

The team



About tokens
Token Type:ERC-20
Token Symbol:JVY
Maximum Supply:333,333,333 JVY
Tokens for Sale:100,000,000 JVY
Loyalty Reward Tokens:150,000,000 JVY
Soft Cap (USD):1,000 ETH
Hard Cap (USD):$8,000,000 USD
Private Sale Date:Jun 15,2018 - Oct 31, 2018
Pre-Sale Dates:Nov 1,2018 - Nov 30, 2018
Pre-Sale Price:0.0004 ETH + 25% Bonus
Token Sale Dates:Dec 1, 2018 - Feb 28, 2019
Token Sale Price:0.0004 ETH (2,500 JVY / ETH)

Allocation of tokens
Crowdsale + Airdrop 75%
Operations 10%
Future Talents 5%
Founders 5%
Advisors 5%
Allocation of funds
Development 45%
Operations 25%
Marketing 15%
Legal & Compliance 15%
As said before, this innovation has come to completely change the crypto world in a way non has done before. One can convert their cryptocurrencies to cash whenever they want,users can be rest assured that their data is safe and free from all vices, and not to forget about exchanges made easier with the wallet. This is truly a game changer in the crypto world and it is advisable that users take the opportunity it has given to them so the benefits can be enjoyed by all!
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