Why Crypto?!

Throughout this year and even the last one I have always mentioned crypto whenever I was asked by friends and relatives in what would I invest my money. Some decent amounts of money, lets say, not just a few hundred dollars although 2017 has proven that even a few hundred dollars could have turned into thousands and even tens of thousands for the ones inspired, patient and of course not greedy.

Most of the people that I know don't own crypto and even if they heard about it consider such "assets" as virtual points in a ponzi scheme and they might be true but for just a small minority of the total cryptocurrencies that are available for purchase on the markets and these are exceptions. When it comes to investing they are more into buying apartments and renting, buying land, boats that make pretty good money in this area and even the good old gold. Yes we still have people believing that gold will never loose its value and some even think it is the food for some type of aliens and that's why it's that valuable :). Not joking about the alien part.

I for example have stated for the last couple of years that I would invest almost all investing money that I had in crypto and that's what I did. There is three ways in which I see my current crypto investment and also three ways that cryptocurrencies will evolve. IMHO. Not all would benefit me but I have to take risks into account as well.

The first variant that I see for my current crypto holdings and the first strategy on the table is of course the one from which I would take a good fiat revenue from. That's probably why many of us have bought crypto after all, to earn more money. Whether I will cash out in my native currency or euros or dollars it's less important. As long as my investment exceeds at least 3x I am willing to sell and cash... almost my entire portfolio. I wouldn't feel satisfied to sell under this threshold. I've held these coins for quite some time and taking into account the volatility that I've been sticking my head into I'm not asking for too much when I say 3x.

The next strategy that I would embrace, if the first one doesn't play out, would be in the case of an economical shakeout in the near future, to simply hold my cryptocurrencies no matter the price and how low they will fall. Just holding but not expecting anything. During such events traditional currencies might be simply washed out and the digital ones would replace them. Then I could say that I just simply bought the money of the future before they were recognized by the whole world and I would have a head start with it. Nothing spectacular but a good one. Now I know this one sounds a bit childish but anything is possible in this world and I am prepared.

The last thing that could happen to crypto and the most asked question that I got is what happens if they all go to zero?. Well... fuck it, I played the game, I lost it and I'll move forward. It would not be the first time I spend money on thin air, if I can put it this way, and probably not the last one. I don't believe though that this scenario will ever become a reality. Just simply look at Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, look at amazon and Apple. Who would have though of buying coffee by using a phone when we had our first Nokia 3310 or ordering almost anything from home and not getting into a store.

Now objectively thinking I believe that the 3x profit taking variant for my crypto holdings has the highest chances to become a reality and I will probably not get to hold the money of the future for too long or "take it to zero". I believe we will have a strong bull run in the year to come, or why not even this year, and I don't see such a huge economical crash or cryptos going to zero during that time frame. Hence I am still tied to fiat profits and I strongly believe that the money invested in crypto nowadays will have much more value a year from now than they would when investing them in houses or any other type of assets in the area that I live. I might be wrong, but that's my simple minded view of the future and that's why I always say crypto when asked in what assets would I put my money.

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