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What If... Retirement Never Comes...

For the past couple of years, since this whole shift in society, mainly caused by the plandemic, I have been noticing that more and more around me, although most under 40 years old, are worried about retirement. For some of us retirement time actually means that part of life when you should be worry free.

I disagree on that. I believe that every one should seek of doing what he/she loves and make a living out of that, thus not needing to worry of retirement or see that time as the end of worries. I've worked too much shitty jobs to be doing that again, just for the sake of retirement money.

I am somehow on a fight with the ones discussing such topics as most are laying down the pavement of their future financial situations, retirement years included, based on current life situations and economical environment. I find that utterly nonsense. Even the retirement age, at least in Romania, is pushed upwards every few other years.

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Some of us will probably not even reach that age, although all sort of studies pop up claiming that the age expectations for us is increasing, partly thanks to technological improvements that are bettering the human kind. I wouldn't plan any retirement based on current life situations though.

The world that we were living in 30 years ago, was totally different from what we're living now. We couldn't even envision a touch screen smartphone, at least here in this country and now every granny owns one and has a facebook account, then why would a fixed income and retirement funds paid monthly from that fixed income make any sense 30 or 40 years from now.

Being someone who is highly involved in crypto, I'd say... I am seeing retirement as actually non retirement. I don't see my life, having this amazing tool at hand, unfolding on certain age eras. I try my best on swimming on the technology progress stream and I believe that this is gonna weigh heavily on my personal finances throughout my entire life.

Freelancing type of income will be more and more popular in the years to come and I truly believe that at some point we will get to "an age", where us, humans, won't need to move a finger anymore to be able to earn an income.


If for the moment one can earn by creating content, curating, participating in DeFi, investing and trading in almost everything you can imagine on this planet and have the ability of creating so much passive income, if willing to do so, why worry about retirement...

I have for a few years decoupled myself from the fixed income mentality and to be honest I was quite entangled in it till like 2017 or so. The norms that the society is currently working on are no longer "my norms". I'd rather embrace volatility than the comfy life of a monthly wage.

Nothing is guaranteed for my personal finance right now, but living as such is way more motivating than "hustling for a monthly wage and chance of promotions". I can say that in my case, retirement might never come, at least not that one that most of the ones around me are waiting for. I'm planning on being active for as long as I will be able to breath, be in crypto for my whole life ahead and put technology to use for my own benefit.

What about you?

Thanks for attention,

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