What Does Crypto Financial Freedom Mean To You?

During bull markets it's easy to get caught in euphoria and positive vibes and when everything is on an uptrend. That's how crypto is gaining more exposure and gradually becoming mass adopted with every passing cycle. I haven't experienced the past one entirely, but if I don't die till the end of this bull market...

I can say that I will have the experience of my first whole crypto cycle. I have survived a bear market and now happy to be active and invested in crypto during this bull market. Financial freedom is one of the so called attributes that the crypto market has been entitled with, over the years.

That doesn't translate to Lamborghinis and expensive caviar served near a glass of champagne on some exotic islands. At least not based on my life concepts and the way I see and experience life at the moment.

But... What Does Crypto Financial Freedom Mean To You?

I guess I will have to answer first to this one since I am the one writing it. Being involved in crypto for almost four years, means that I have quite a bit of experience with such assets and that I have some potential revenues that I expect from my investments and my content creation to become a reality.

I am quite a frugal living person, I would like to own or at least drive a Lamborghini for a while, but that doesn't necessary means it's how I see crypto financial freedom. Crypto financial freedom for me is being involved in enough crypto projects, such as Hive, Leofinance, Publish0x and probably CUB Finance in the future as well, that would generate me tokens worth at least $1,000 a month.

I don't plan on searching for a regular job any time soon, but I like having a sort of constant income stream and that's definitely an important detail of what I would call my personal crypto financial freedom. That's not all though...

Considering that I have some crypto hodled on a few wallets, aside from my Hive, Leo and Publish0x accounts, as part of my crypto long term investments, to make the picture perfect of this scenario, some $50,000-$100,000 every four years in revenues from such assets would kind of give a meaning to the concept of crypto financial freedom.

I would more than anything love to be able to actually spend crypto and to live in an entirely crypto oriented world, instead of converting such currencies to fiat, and finally decouple from the fiat valuations, but I guess we're about a decade away from such a reality.

That's about how my crypto financial freedom would look like. As you can see I'm not too much of a fan of passive income, I have to have something pushing me forward and I guess that's why I haven't jumped into DeFi or anything related, but my image of such financial freedom is pretty clear. What Does Crypto Financial Freedom Mean To You Though?

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