Tied To Uncertainty Waiting For Scissors

Tied To Uncertainty Waiting For Scissors

Today was the first day, after a few weeks, when I woke up at 6:30. Without any alarm, for no particular reason, and of course having no destination to which I should go. I woke up, looked at the walls and wondered... now what? Now... nothing, was the answer I gave myself.

It is true that if I wanted I could wake up and do some exercises, or even read, but I really had no motivation and saw no emergency in doing that, and again the only culprit for all the evil in the world, at this time, is COVID-19.

Because of it, it seems that some people are dying in almost every corner of the world, for the fear of its spread governments have resorted to drastic measures to protect the population, forcing us to stay inside as much as possible, at the same time quite prominent voices of alternate media considering this pandemic is just a catalyst for humanity's even greater enslavement.

I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle and I do not think there is an absolute opinion that exactly defines the cause of this pandemic, the purpose, and the resolution of everything that is happening globally. What I know for sure is that, both mentally and physically, it is distressing to stay at home for almost 23 hours a day, alone between two bright monitors, and some 12 walls, with great weather that you can't fully enjoy.

I also know for sure that the city in which I live is a touristic one, due to places full of history in the vicinity of it, and this fact has contributed immensely to the economic growth of this corner of the world, although we're not Rome yet, or Monaco. If this pandemic had not been part of the daily reality, probably at least on the weekends, the city would be full of tourists, creating the first episodes of a new promising touristic season.

This is not the case though, and given that I have a collaboration with a friend in this field, I can say that I am directly affected by this situation. I am 100% sure that if we were not forced to stay inside, 2020 for the touristic businesses in my city, would surely have been a "golden" one.

I do not think we will have a touristic season in 2020, although I hope to be wrong about this, but considering the fact that mid-May is expected to lift the state of emergency in my country, with the possibility of extending this term, I find it difficult to I imagine that someone will be interested in taking a boat trip on the Danube in the coming months.

People will be pleased that they will be able to return to their jobs, those who will still have them, and most certainly tourism and the hotel industry will not be encouraged much by the authorities, because tourism = large groups of people together and that's what Corona loves. I don't even think any tourist will see Rome this year...

No one imagined this last year, and almost everyone I know, and who live of these businesses, were very excited about the touristic potential for 2020, and even thought about investing more and more in this business. Some even did, and probably regret it, but who expected such a pandemic.

I personally do not have financial investments in this field, although at one point I flirted with the idea, but I honestly prefer much more to get involved in this, than to work eight hours daily and expect a fixed salary at the end of the month. Hence the only life boat that I see economically, for 2020, is crypto, if the halving plays well. If not...

If not... another opportunity will surely appear. They always appear, we just have to have our eyes open and intuition tuned properly.

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