They Walk In Silence

They Walk In Silence

Most of the big things happening in the world are orchestrated behind the scenes and the little guys/retail often times find themselves facing the issues/law enforcements once every detail is settled. It has happened as such for as long as history goes back down the rabbit hole and it will probably stay that way for longer than we can imagine...

Unless robots "come to life" and save us from ourselves.

Pretty much the same thing happens in the markets, crypto being no exception in that regard. I don't know if you've followed the news lately, but Nancy Pelosi and her husband were also accused of inside trading. How do you guys thing these bastards have made that much money in a life time? Definitely not by working, but controlling the markets and having access to valuable info before it gets out to the public.

Same thing happens in crypto. You'll never see any outlets featuring large whales interviews at the moment those are accumulating Bitcoin, and altcoins, so the plebs can catch up with their trades. Nope, these bastards are walking in silence, too... Luckily we have on chain data in this industry and the ones having the eyes to see will notice when there's time for accumulation and when that time has passed.

@toofasteddie had a post yesterday pointing towards on chain data showing us how large amounts of Bitcoin are withdrawn from exchanges. Who do you think are the ones doing that, the ones who bought DOGE at $0.5?

Definitely not. The wallets that have withdrawn Bitcoin from exchanges in high amounts are customers that will probably leave Binance for good, after their new withdrawal limit of 0.06 BTC per day hit all of us who use Binance, but the flood of Bitcoin getting out of exchanges is not coming solely from Binance. Other exchanges are facing themselves with the same situation.

Smart money has managed to accumulate during the times when retail was calling for $20k Bitcoin and when outlets were claiming we're entering a multi year bear market. That's how you make a lot of money, buying when there's blood on the street and selling when exuberance and greed takes over the market. Some of that Bitcoin might probably never get back to exchanges, but part of it will be traded near the peak.

Creating scarcity in the market, it's obvious that the price will shoot up and thus pushing the whole market up. At the same time retail will find themselves FOMOing near the top and before you know it we have another boom in prices and all of a sudden we will see Bitcoin getting back to exchanges and dumped. That's the Bitcoin that has been purchased in silence while retail was shitting their pants over an unrealistic potential bear market.

Such an accumulation phase doesn't occur over night. These guys have had about three months to collect cheap Bitcoin from weak hands and now it's time to take that Bitcoin off of exchanges. Good job, guys. No wonder you're called the smart money. $30,000 to $40,000 seems to have been the sweet range for accumulation and despite potential volatility that might take Bitcoin as low as $35,000, the trend change is clear.

It's also clear that the accumulation phase has come to an end and that the ones who have massively accumulated Bitcoin on a discount are now withdrawing it. No point in holding it on an exchange anymore. It all happened in silence and well programmed. The next few months will be wild and guess who's gonna profit the most?... Definitely not the pussies selling after a 50% correction.

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