The Way "Coronavirus", May or May Not Affect The World We Live in, Seen Through The Eye of Conspiracy

The Way "Coronavirus", May or May Not Affect The World We Live in, Seen Through The Eye of Conspiracy

Ever since I was a teenage, I have been attracted to all kinds of conspiracies, and I think that the vast majority of important, generally negative, events in the world are the result of conspiracies which are part of a much larger plan created by the rulers of the world, to enslave and to lead the world much easier. It is possible that all these conspiracies are living just in my mind, and of others paying attention to them... or not.

Corona virus is the newest and most popular virus that has affected modern society, along with many other pandemics that have decimated, or not, the world's population, but which have certainly played an important role in leading the masses and manipulating them through fear. From many points of view we have not yet surpassed the status of animals, and fear is one of the feelings that can easily bring us back to this status once carefully triggered. Those who know this very well, have been using it for millennia, in leading humanity in the direction they want.

Leaving aside any scientific study, and any report that has probably reached the media, related to Corona virus, I assume that this virus was created by humans for humans. I also believe that this is the case with regard to HIV. Starting from this premise, I will continue to expose, from the point of view of a conspiracy mind, what the role of this virus is and what is to be achieved, by the world leaders. If you are not the type of people who believe in conspiracies I would like to announce that this posting could greatly annoy you.


Let's continue. What is the first effect that this virus has, and which in my opinion was intended from the beginning? Establishing panic among the population. Divide and conquer, it's an old aphorism that tells us how society is run, like a flock, by a handful of people, for hundreds or maybe thousands of years, just through skillful psychology.

A panicked society that lives in fear, will be much easier to convince in accepting rules and laws that restrict their freedom, or that will nullify their rights, than a free society, living freely and without fear. That is why, throughout history, all kinds of conflicts and pandemics have been created in order to instill fear among people, and to gradually restrict their freedom. Just look back with just two or three decades, and you will see how compelling the society is in the day to day, in its free and modern life.

The fact that this virus broke out in China, and is related to this country, has many meanings, and one of them is the destruction of a strong economy, and its isolation from the rest of the world. I don't know how many of you know, but the vast majority of US debt is to China. I don't think it's accidental that this virus broke out right there. Regarding the place of its outbreak, two conspiracy theories can be developed, one of them being the one mentioned above in which an outside power played an important role in shaking an economy that seemed indestructible.


From another point of view, we could consider that the Chinese themselves created this virus to gain more control over their population, and to tighten the chains of communism even more, while global effects are only needed, but not desired. I tend to believe, however, that the Chinese have not created their own virus and that there are other benevolent powers at the center of it.

Even though this virus was not created by human hand, as my conspiracy mind tends to believe, and in fact China was hit by this pandemic by nature, it is not as deadly as the media wants us to believe, and not a world nightmare. What the big TV channels and online media outlets avoid mentioning about this virus is that deaths generally occur in those who already have some pretty serious health problems and a weakened immune system, and such deaths can occur even in the case of simple flu, for such people. The point is that the children do not seem to be affected by the virus.

What will happen, as a way to counteract this virus, acting as a two-edged sword? A vaccine will be found, of course. With regard to vaccines, you will find tons of information and testimonies that can convince you that the vast majority have the role of enriching pharmaceutical companies and creating more diseases, especially among children. I believe that very few vaccines that have a preventive or healing role, without having some devastating side effects, and those are neither very cheap nor very popular.


As in the case of any pandemic, or potential pandemic, both victims and potential victims will, of course, be forced to take this antivirus, as the pockets of pharmaceutical companies will be filled, while the masses that will accept this antivirus will be filled by diseases, and maybe they will even die soon after. Two rabbits down with one shot. Less people on the planet ... marked. Money made by making people sick and killing them... check. Next...?!

Now that we have reached the end of this conspiracy post of mine, and talked a lot about the fear that is inflicted on people by this virus, I would bring to your attention the repulsion that was created as well, against the Chinese people by the other nations. Yesterday I was talking to my mother, who lives in Austria, and she told me that people pass by on the other side of the street when they see a Chinese, in the village where she lives, and other friends who came from Italy recently told me that Chinese restaurants were simply cave empty because of this fear.

Quite some factories are on standby right now, work related, due to this virus, because the vast majority of the necessary materials or parts are made in China, and shipments are halted, important aspect that could trigger even a global financial crisis when industry will be affected severely by it. All of that ignited by a simple virus, which in reality is not so deadly, but is strongly advertised in this direction in which it is desired to be. What's your take on this whole Corona virus?


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