The Titanic "Saved The FED", But Bitcoin Shoots at Sinking It...

The Federal Reserve System, also known as the Fed, is the central banking system of the United States. It was created to provide the nation with a "safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system".

The Federal Reserve Act was passed by Congress in 1913 and signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. The Fed is composed of twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks, each of which is responsible for implementing the policies set forth by the Federal Reserve Board.

This is what we could call "official information" regarding the FED that anyone can find through some simple google search but very few know that "some souls" had to be sacrificed in order for the FED to be created. Some of the "underground media outlets" and content creators claim that the Titanic intentionally sank because there were three men on it opposing the creation of the FED and these had to be silenced...

It is supposed that the creation of the FED was "set in stone" by six men, all of them representatives of the richest and most influential families of the planet, the Rothschilds, JP Morgan, and the Rockefellers included, who met in 1910 on the Jekyl Island, off the coast of Georgia.


The representatives of the Rockefellers were Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderclip, on the behalf of the Rothschilds was Paul Warburg and JPM seem to have sent Henry Davidson, Charles Norton, and Benjamin Strong to be part of the creation of the FED.

Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss, and John Jacob Aster, all of them representatives of wealthy American families too, opposed the creation of the FED, and as it seems quite obvious, sometimes even the elites don't work in so much harmony as we conspiracy theorists believe them to be doing.

According to such of these conspiracy theorists that I follow on the internet it seems that JPM didn't even actually sink the actual Titanic, it actually sank repainted Olimpya, a ship that had technical problems and some insurance issues and got drowned along with the three who opposed the creation of the FED. JPM was supposed to be on Titanic as well but canceled at the last minute...

I guess the fucker wasn't a fan of cold water baths. Soon after washing their hands off the three opposers(one year after the Titanic sank), the FED was created and it started printing money out of thin air, basically giving birth to a new financial system backed by nothing but the power of killing and subjugating.

One century later we are living in the times when we finally have a currency that is actually created by us(well, Satoshi Nakamoto) and designed to break the chains of enslavement that the bankers have wrapped us in. Bitcoin is like no other currency that has ever existed.

Never in human history, the creation of money was so decentralized. Bitcoin is not alone in this war and despite what maxis are dreaming of, Bitcoin without crypto would not win any war, it hasn't even won anything... yet.

However, "money is the root of all evil" but we don't just have to fix money in order to fix the world, we need to fix society, governance, media, commerce, and trust, and "the power of code" looks to be making a better job at that than the power of human consciousness does. Ethereum didn't "kill Bitcoin" and so far nothing has killed Ethereum.

The crypto world is not about killing each other, an important aspect that both BTC and ETH maxis are overlooking, it is about complementing and taking back the power from the greedy elites that have no scruples in regard to preserving their power and influence and free us from such constrictive power. As funny as it may sound, Bitcoin(crypto) may at some point kill the FED...

A decade or even more from now we won't probably have what we call the dollar anymore. These fuckers are probably desperate right now to replace it with CBDCs while seeing the potential of cryptocurrency but at least we have options of choice. I personally am using crypto for everyday payments more than I'm using cash and despite being an "indirect use" I firmly believe that at some point we will have direct crypto payments available across the planet.

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