The RocketMan Turns To BitcoinMan. Where Is The World Heading To?

Have you got the call yet?... Really, nobody called you this morning asking you about how and where to buy Bitcoin or Dogecoin from? Well, I guess we're in the same category as the friends I got in crypto are already positioned and the rest of them are really not interested in this type of assets.

What a wild ride the world of investing has become, starting with the GME stocks being pumped by a subreddit group a few days ago, just to short squeeze some Wall Street company planning on taking to hell that company's stocks and then after, it only took one tweet of the same group to send DOGE to the moon. Yes, the doggo's learned to fly.

$300 Million DOGE Positions Liquidated as Dogecoin Price Rallies 1000% in 24 Hours, says Coindesk here, and all of that happened while I was sleeping. I don't own any DOGE anymore, but it sure feels interesting to see how the power of a community can send a meme coin to nearly top 10 of the crypto markets.

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With over $9 billion of total market capitalization for the DOGE at the moment it claimed its new ATH of $0.078175, about six hours ago, the jokecoin has surpassed Chainlink, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash on the crypto charts. No push from the RocketMan, Elon Musk who claimed himself to be the CEO of Dogecoin. This guy has just changed his bio on twitter to #Bitcoin and you know what that means.

The "Satoshicoin" has had a $5,000 spike in just about an hour, rocketing from a "mere $32,000" to as high as $37,000+. I know some still waiting to catch it at discounted prices such as $20,000, but... Good luck guys! The man does have indeed a lot of influence with his over 40 million subscribers on twitter and that weighs heavy when pumping cryptos.

If we ponder for a bit we will see that Elon Musk has the ability to pump Bitcoin harder than Grayscale and Microstrategy all together, by simply changing his bio. He's not even saying he bought or planning on buying BTC. Imagine him doing that, or better, imagine him shilling Hive or Leofinance... We really need to form an army of shillers for Elon Musk so he will shill us too...


Is Humanity switching to Bitcoin(crypto)?

Probably... or at least that's how Erik Voorhees, CEO & Founder -, stated in a recent interview with According to him, Humanity Will Move to Bitcoin and Crypto As Government Currencies Fall Apart. Well, I guess even a twelve years old kid can see that at this point. I wish I saw that five or more years ago and also get my eyes on BTC earlier, but it is what it is.

"I ultimately do believe that everyone will eventually move to Bitcoin as full money, that fiat currencies will go away. They fall apart on their own. They collapse on their own because they’re printed into oblivion… And they’ve never had to deal with something like Bitcoin as an alternative. They always just go into the next fiat currency. Now that there is a credible alternative emerging, they have a much bigger challenge. So I do think humanity moves to Bitcoin over time. I think fiat falls apart.”
Erik Voorhees source

I was also reading today some random tweet, I forgot to screenshot it, that around 90% of crypto holders are planning to live of off crypto. Your man being one of these 90%. When you witness towards what direction this world is leaning and where the filthy oligarchs lead corrupt governments want to drag it you would be a moron not to crave crypto.

I still use cash, I still own a bank account, but my focus is primarily on crypto, making the best out of earning it on a daily basis, investing as smart as I can, searching for means of circumventing the banking system and at least in the early stages of this shift to move towards "crypto banks", such as Binance and DEXs, rather than the traditional ones, and honestly no matter how much prices will boom I don't plan on cashing out everything.

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I'm not quite the fan of Elon Musk, but the man has had a huge impact on this world, planning to conquer the space as well, and now seems to be sending BTC to Mars, not the moon. I don't know how you guys see this turn around of events, but it seems that Elon Musk has indeed dragged BTC out of the correction and he's now the shorts liquidator of the day for Bitcoin.

As mentioned in the past three or four posts of mine, the events unfolding at the moment in the financial world and in society in general is the clear sign of the individuals decoupling from centralized ecosystems. It simply doesn't work anymore. Anything has been corrupted and designed to worked against the man, not for him, so why further walk this road.

By the way, Tony Blair just said "Inevitable" Global Vaccine Passports Should Be Implemented Now. Screw you Tony Blair, and the elites behind your ass. They all said we just need a two weeks curfew and here we are after one year, the vaccine won't be mandatory, but they're somehow forcing hands to public workers taking it, and they also said these passports won't be mandatory and now...

Everything they said is a lie. Everything crypto points at has more truth in it and seems to be a much more viable alternative of the current society direction. This thing is really designed to firstly benefit the individual. Well, I screwed it once again, just wanted a short post about Elon Musk, Bitcon and Dogecoin and here you have it...

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