The New Normal is Nothing You Have Imagined, Klaus Schwab!

The New Normal is Nothing You Have Imagined, Klaus Schwab!

"You will owe nothing and you will be happy". That's the narrative the elites are trying to promote as a way out of a programmed pandemic, all said through the dirty mouth of Klaus Schwab. Kind of a Hitler of modern times.

There is a war going on right now and it's not a war that we're used to, "made by the US" to drain a certain country out of its resources. This war is a psychological one and it's actually between the ones supposed to work for the good of the people and the masses.

Draconian oligarchs have come to the point where amassing wealth is no longer an incentive for their huge egos. It is time for them to try and control almost every move so called free citizens are making. I don't know if anyone is aware what implications the acceptance of COVID passports will have on our freedom, but it's lethal.

It's not about a disease, it never was. This was just a catalyst towards fulfilling a long born ideal of implementing a new world order on the planet. It's things that I read about some twenty years ago that are now fulfilling, CBDCs being one of them. I haven't read about Bitcoin back then, it wasn't on the pipeline probably, but it might be a fix to this crooked system.

I don't know if you noticed, but there's a trend that's starting to emerge right now and that trend is for politicians, the good ones of course, advertising themselves by associating their names with Bitcoin. I guess the president of El Salvador has done that the most aggressively.

President of Belarus encouraged his citizens to use the huge amounts of electricity the country has to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin instead of flocking to foreign lands and work their ground for cheap.

Recently the news came out that Maxime Bernier, founder and leader of the People's Party of Canada, has said he supports the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Mad Max, as he's also called in Canada has been a vocal proponent of ending the draconian lock downs, mask mandates and vaccine mandates in the country. This man has balls, I tell you that and if he's gonna win the elections then you're gonna have Bitcoin enter a super cycle for sure. Canada was one of my favorite countries, but the way it succumbed to the pandemic has turned it into a communist country rather than a paradise it used to be.

Bitcoin is "the new jewelry" that some of the personalities around the world are starting to show off with. The idea of adopting some internet currency that's about to disrupt a whole system created by the central banks is starting to become a reality on a large scale.

This pandemic has nevertheless acted as an awakening process for the masses, not for the majority probably, but there are quite a few who have realized you can not rely on the current financial and political system anymore. Neither of them is working for the benefit of the individual. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency does that, it's probably the first tool ever in the hands of humanity in gaining true ownership.

We don't own our lives like we used to, not even two years ago. There's too much restrictions and control for nothing. Blockchain technology can and will fix that, if used by the right people.

I've talked quite often of a super cycle in crypto and folks like MaximeBernier, Nayib_Bukele and Michael Saylor are personalities that can push the mass adoption of crypto into leading the whole market in such a super cycle. The demand will be huge in the years to come once a few key persons will do the right thing for crypto and when the masses will have had enough.

We don't need Klasu Schwab, the SEC or whatever regulatory entity some of us would expect to push Bitcoin to mass adoption. The code is enough regulatory framework for Bitcoin. The new normal is in the hands of all of us and it might be quite surprising. A golden age for humanity won't come easy and without costs though. That's for sure. Bitcoin seems to be the new digital label some politicians are proudly wearing.

I guess Klaus Schwab should have said: you'll be the true owner of your digital property and you'll be happy about that. Have a great Sunday folks and see you to the next one!

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