"The Most Sane" Country In The World

"The Most Sane" Country In The World

When you look around your tiny corner of the world and than zoom out to get the full perspective, it feels like the world's gone mad...

Australia has created covid freaking camps and there's news regarding "covid fugitives", like not being vaccinated has become a felony while Austria is planning on implementing a vaccine mandate that shall be enforced as of February 2022. The mandate shall imply fines and even prison for the ones refusing to get "the experimental shot".

How normal is that for you?

I mean what freedoms do we still have and since when refusing to take a vaccine has become a felony? It's because of fear... People take fines and orders from the governments too serious and they watch TV too much. Every law has to be constitutional, otherwise it can be appealed in court and you can make big money from your government for it trespassing it.

The US FED Chair, Jerome Powel said a few days ago that "they should retire transitory" from the inflation equation. The whole country is lead by a senile president and the two old farts, Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are not far of dementia either. How come the worlds most powerful country can be lead by idiots and mentally ill individuals?

I tell you one thing, and I'm not an American, but since the days of JFK, America has had no president that worked for the good of the people over there. It's the Rockefellers, Rotschilds and other oligarchs that killed JFK and pull the strings over there...unfortunately.

Meanwhile, El Salvador has become probably the most sane country in the world in the past year. I honestly didn't know it existed, prior to their move to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

There are no vaccine mandates or passports in El Salvador, no mask mandates, no testing requirements to enter the country.
But there are vaccines available for everyone, even tourists, including boosters.
Everybody makes their own choice. So far, +70% have been vaccinated.
Nayib Bukele on twitter

We've come to celebrate what was once normal. What a fucked up world we're living in and how bad do we need blockchain, crypto, DAOs, Hive and all of its apps right now... Call me what you wish, but we live in an insane world right now, hopefully on the edge of collapse, because it's too much, governed by systems that are not serving us at all.

Meanwhile a tiny Central American country shows us the way... Have never imagined we could end up here. It's in our hands to turn everything around, though, and it's so simple to do that: non compliance. They can't fine and imprison an entire world, they can't regulate at the pace we can develop. Have a great and sunny day folks...

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