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The "Good Side" of A.I.

Artificial intelligence has been a controversial topic for quite some good years now and for good reason. On one hand, we have the prospects of a society enhanced by AI and on the other, we have the potential of "AI taking over the human species". So far we don't know how any of these will play out.

AI, same as crypto, is in its incipient phases, meaning that we don't know for sure what is it going to disrupt, but we at least have a glimpse of its disruption. Elon Musk for example has plans to implant chips in humans that could help them overcome illnesses and even develop skills.

A few weeks ago I was having a talk at the gym with a 14-year-old kid and from what he was telling me, the educational system in Romania runs on the same ungreased sluggish wheels it used to when I was a pupil. I told him that 10 years from now diplomas will go obsolete, but he didn't believe me.

I didn't believe most of the things I was reading, about 20 years ago, either, but now I'm seeing theories turning into facts. The story around AI doesn't have to be all doom and gloom, it can get rather helpful than harmful, if and when implemented properly.

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Healthcare, education, transportation, manufacturing, "social media/traditional media" and finance are a few of the sectors that such revolutionary technology can revolutionize. Healthcare is mostly about the pharmaceutical industry profits atm, but if we will have a "fair player" such as artificial intelligence playing for us, things can improve a lot.

In healthcare, for example, AI could be used to analyze medical records, assist with diagnosis and treatment, and help to identify patterns and trends that could improve patient outcomes. The way I see it, bots can get into much more details than human docs can, thus being more efficient.

And what's the purpose of teachers anymore, who in most cases are just propaganda devotees learning pupils how to be obedient, competitive, and limited, despite the human's unlimited potential, when kids will start playing with AI and dig on what interests them instead of swallowing undigested knowledge being poured into their brains by the system.

AI could be used to personalize learning and provide students with customized feedback and support, and the way I see it, AI can be a way better teacher than most of the teachers out there.

Many online publications, or better said media editors, are going to go down as the era of bots rises. The database is there, the speed to type of an AI bot is clearly superior to a human's and then there's also the subjectivity... AI, so far, can't get subjective. Hence we will probably have way better journalism coming from some damn bots than we currently have from humans.

What would stop Elon Musk from making the "almost perfect" AI-driven electric lorry that could be used to optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and improve safety? Nothing right now and I bet we will have such a machine, at least in the testing phases before this decade ends.

I also bet we will have access to bots(even tokenized bots) making us money from almost any activity you can imagine and be sure that we're gonna have a bots war too, cuz these fuckers will learn from us, but meanwhile, let's focus on the positives of AI. What do you think, how will AI positively impact our current society in the next decade or so?

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