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The Crypto Clown Bear, Probably The Most Dangerous Specie For Your Portfolio

I am either a bloody genius or a damn fool, because I believe the current cycle the crypto market is in has no resemblance with any other past one. That's what I was rambling about for so long on my blog and on social medias such as twitter.

I don't have thousands of followers like others do, but somehow the majority is paying attention to them and still waiting, mouths open, for such fake lame clown gurus to tell them what's crypto gonna be doing for the next week, month or year.

They have no fucking clue

That should be clear, if they had any at all in that regard, they wouldn't waste time on social media educating plebs, and if they were that passionate about that(education), why don't they post their portfolios and trading setups so we can all see how much money they doin? Because they're lousy traders, that's why...

Bitcoin and almost the entire market is down today, Bitcoin managed to loose more than $5,000 in dollar valuation in basically hours and some news outlets are attributing the dip to the US infrastructure bill moving ahead. First of all, crypto is a world wide traded asset and not entirely tied to the US.

But, if they pass that bill, how are they gonna track the so called "brokers" and how would someone that's in crypto like me, for example, but living in the US gonna be affected by that bill? The dip hasn't been caused by any damn bill, though...

It's just the result of one recipe for success, that some will probably never learn: overleverage. It is supposed that some half a billion dollars leveraged positions have been liquidated today, that might being the cause of the dip.

You're basically betting against the house when leverage trading, wasn't that clear already?

This crypto space is so full of clowns, though. These clowns somehow "join the party" whenever there's euphoria on the streets and hide like bears in hibernation when their forecasts miserably fail. What about Moonvember, guys? Aren't we supposed to moon this month?

Half of it is gone and I see no mooning, we will probably not moon in December either, because we're in a different cycle, there's different metrics playing out now and past patterns shall fail. We'll talk about that in a few months when BTC will have probably not peaked yet, while the gurus will probably be still far from the truth with their analysis.

One hell of a performer today is HIVE and we should "thank Koreans" for that. Boosted by these guys, our main token has reached a bit over $1.2 today so don't forget to take profits before they start dumping it. There's a pattern to be attention to, though, and that is the higher highs and higher lows that these pumps and dumps are forming.

Funny what a show these crypto clowns are into though, with their lousy charts. Meanwhile Germany’s ambassador to El Salvador using the #Bitcoin Lightning network for the first time. This is what Bitcoin was created for, not leverage trading and whatever... We never learn though...

Have a great day and see you to the next post.

Thanks for attention,

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