The Corona Aftermath - Flattened Here, Curbed There

The Corona Aftermath - Flattened Here, Curbed There

I do not think that ever in the history of mankind a flu has had such a great economic, but also social, and spiritual impact, as this Coronavirus had. The Spanish flu was probably much more devastating, and that pandemic was probably for real. It was probably real, based on a deadly virus, and posing a real threat to humanity. Regarding Corona however, I still support my belief that this whole pandemic is just an event organized worldwide, by a powerful clique of power, helped by the media and WHO and accepted by the billions.

The people around me, and whom I have met in recent days as tourists in my home town, seem to have no fear of this virus, fear and frustration being rather directed at the restrictions that have been in place since the beginning of the pandemic, compared to its devastating effects. on the economy and on the social repercussions, and the future absurd measures that may be imposed.

I look around though and notice that even those who realize that everything is orchestrated, and that this virus, if it even exists, has the effects and symptoms of a normal flu according to the ones claiming to have had it, continue to wear masks both in public and outdoors, to listen to nonsense which are said on television and to be manipulated, and indoctrinated, to voluntarily give up fundamental freedoms that were practically stolen from them overnight.

I read earlier on twitter that an American startup obtained a million dollars in funding to produce invisible masks. Really?... Can you imagine how many people could be fed with such a sum in some very poor countries of this world? However, we wear these masks on our faces nonchalantly, because this is how corrupt governments of the world decided to protect us from the virus and what a trend wearing the masks has begun.

We do not ask ourselves for example, how the mortality rates of this virus may be real when the President of Tanzania has shown that tests to determine COVID-19 infection have tested positive in samples taken from birds, goats and pawpaw fruits?! Shouldn't this president's attempt make us think, and make us realize that we are being manipulated? That people do not die of Coronavirus, and that those who are labeled as such, actually suffer from other diseases that have certainly caused their death, and not Corona...

We are probably too busy and asleep to ask any more questions and question these world governments, which for decades seem to have been in the service of powers that want to enslave humanity and keep it in fear, under full control, and as poor as possible, instead of working for the freedoms and prosperity of the citizens who put them in those positions.

In my city, for example, the entire hospital was closed and dedicated to Coronavirus patients. Do you know how many such patients this hospital has hosted since the onset of the false pandemic? Only one, who has been kept there for almost a month, who seems to miraculously survive this deadly virus, and who is periodically retested and diagnosed positively, all to justify this nonsense, and because this country, which is struggling for more than thirty years to survive and return to normal, being milked by corrupt internal and external forces, falling at the feet of those who want to steal absolutely any fundamental freedom we have ever had.

We have come to accept as mere sheep everything that is imposed on us, and which is visibly a huge manipulation, to participate in the destruction of the economies of the countries we belong to, to deny children the right to education, and last but not least to become prisoners in our own countries, and homes. Another absurdity that I noticed recently, and which is probably specific only to Romania, is that of higher prices popping out. Small businesses in general, such as bakery shops, restaurants and even barbershops, which have been closed for months, are raising prices to offset losses in recent months, and to further survive.

The conclusion I reached, after a few months of facing these situations, is that the abnormal has become normal. I never imagined that a security guard at a supermarket would take my temperature with an electronic thermometer to decide if he would allow me to enter the store or not. What's next*? Scanning my RFID chip to see if my social profile allows me to enter certain locations, and to purchase certain items? It may seem absurd to you, but I feel that all this madness is only copying China's communist model of population control and slavery, and to gradually enforce it all over the world.

It is abnormal to impose health protective measures on some people to protect their health, with or without their consent, in the name of a so-called virus, it is abnormal for a storekeeper to take my temperature with an electronic thermometer, and force me to wear a mask at the entrance to the store, just like and in other enclosed spaces, and it is absurd to close small businesses on mass, based on computer-generated figures, and based on test results that are clearly manipulated. However, this abnormality has become normal, and I am afraid it will not end too soon. Remember the flatten the curve narrative?

The curve will be for sure flattened but, our normal has been bent and beaten, and it will be “alchemically transformed” into abnormal sooner than later.

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